God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 21, 1972 at 9:15 pm


“All through time man has denied Me, My Way. I could say that man is arrogant, disrespectful, ungrateful, impudent, but I will not, for I truly love man in a Divine Way. I created man to My Image and Likeness. I created man with My Love, out of My Love, in My Love. I gave man a Soul. This Soul was a Greater Part of Me than man knows. I gave man a heart. This heart was to keep man alive physically, and the heart is important to man as the motor of life.

I say to man, ‘I extend My Heart to beat with you. Through My Power, My Love will strengthen yours.’ So many men are denying themselves and Me this union of love. Men are whispering at this moment about This Miracle I have placed in the world. This Miracle, in many ways, is My Love; I have placed My Heart in It.

I have called This Miracle after a Beloved Saint Whom I dearly love. As man, He stood in the world, ready to perform My Will. He was obedient. When I said to Him, ‘Please, My Joseph, save The Beloved Mother so She will carry out My Will for Me,’ and this Son Who was young in age, obeyed, and He went to another place to protect Her. The Child would have been killed had Joseph not been obedient to My Will. You see, My children, the Importance of obedience; disaster can occur, hardship can happen and sadness can develop.

I come through this child who does My Will momentarily. It is as it was with Joseph and Mary. When I say to her, ‘Go,’ she must go. When I say, ‘Stay,’ she must stay. When I say, ‘Be silent,’ she must be silent. When I say, ‘Speak,’ she must speak. When I say, ‘Anger is called for here, child,’ I expect her to react in this way. The day will come when men will come from all over the world to see this woman through whom I act, through whom I speak, through whom I teach the Wisdom of My World. This child is example of obedience.

I have come to you on this night, for in this room each of you extends your heart to Me and I love you. As it was told to this child before, many men will not agree with her. They will think it is her idea, this Hill of Hope. They will think that she drew it up as a plan for Me, so they will fight it, thinking it was man-made. I will spread This Miracle throughout the world. It is on the Winds of My Power and It is on the Power of My Winds.

The child stands alone for Me; it has to be this way. She must depend solely upon Me for every move she makes through the day. Where man is concerned, I govern this. Where man reaches out for her, I tell her what I expect, and she must do as I Will it to be, react as I Will it to be, for you see, I have made her aware of all Souls. Even as she speaks with you, I have made her more aware of the Soul around you, and within, for the Soul, as I have said before, is a Great Part of Me. So would it not be truth then, that she would be more aware of your Soul than your physical?

Children are growing from This Miracle, children are growing in love with Me; this is what I desire. I sent a Message to the world one time through The Beloved Heavenly Queen, and this was to alert mankind that a day would come and The Beloved Saint Joseph would step from The Divine and live again in the world for men to see, for at no time in the physical life did He stand before mankind in an obvious way, for you see, every act He performed, every word that He said, was to honor Me. And now the world must recognize Him, and now the world must go to Him, and now the world must see Him for What He Truly Was and Is.

I speak to you in a manner you understand, with Words you can understand. Oh, My children, I do love thee. Many men will argue and say, ‘The Father does not speak to anyone today.’ This is sadness for Me to hear. Why would I not speak to those I hold dear? Why would I not come to help them in a time of need? A Father does not stand by and allow the children danger; of course not, My Love is too deep. Your love is so little in comparison to Mine, and yet your love means so much to Me.

The child, as she knows this to be, will suffer many blows for Me. I have accepted her will and she is a sacrifice on the altar for Me, for through her performing My Will, Souls will come Here with Me. I use this moment, but the part that I truly use is her love for Me.

The Hill of Hope must come about, for you see, satan will fight this Hill, for satan knows that upon this Hill many, many Souls will be saved, and he will use every means to keep this Hill from drawing Souls to Me. A battle is on, a fight to the finish, and I will use men of all colors, all races, all creeds, to fulfill My Will, to see that this Hill is completed, for the reason I have designed It to be. Many learned men will be as pawns to the evil one where this Hill is concerned, for they will not see the Souls being saved upon this Hill. All they will think of is the material way, the material goal, the material value, the material debt; but this Hill will be.

Many men weigh all things a material way. Many men weigh all things on the scale made by man, not Me. My scale is far different than man’s. I weigh all things on the Glow of the Soul, for you see, Heaven is lighted by the Souls Who have come Here to be with Me, and as each Soul shines, It adds joy, happiness, Here.

I know, My little children, you have had a full physical day, and before you leave here tonight, please remember to say, ‘Thank You, God, for the strength to have lived one more day.’ So be it.”