Saint Thomas Aquinas

1225 - 1274

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 3, 1988


“Tonight each man, woman and child throughout the world should say some form of prayer.  Some will say, ‘I’m too tired, God,’ and some will say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’ Some will say, ‘I don’t feel like praying, I really don’t know what to say.’

The most beautiful prayer in the world is simple:

‘God, thank You for today.  I hope I did something to please You, in my own way.  Help me tomorrow, God, to be a better man.  Help me to be example so that others will learn from me the beauty of morals in the way of man.  I love You, God, goodnight for now.  Help me to remember You tomorrow morning before I go my way.’

My sons, I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I have spoken many, many, many times through this instrument in the world, delivery of all Subjects, derived in a manner different than most would teach.  The subject is, of course, for the benefit of your Soul, for the benefit of your Eternal Life with The Holy Trinity.

Every man is not a scholar.  Every man is not gifted in many ways, but whatever Gifts you have been given, use them wisely.  Be sensitive about them and see the importance of exchanging these Gifts with others in the right way.

I could speak hours through this instrument.  I could tell you many things.  I could give you Lessons profoundly, but I say simply: ‘Be a man worth loving God.  See that your Soul remains clean.  Reach for purity in all ways and means, and never forget to say, “God, I love You.”’ It is not a woman’s way alone, for The Father loves to hear a son say:

‘God, I love You, help me to be better today, help me to know the path of Truth, of Light, of Hope, so when the time comes that We will meet Face to face, I know that You will not send me away.’

I speak as Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I deliver this Message to you as a Saint, but I also say to you this: ‘I walked a human way and I know the importance of what it means to live each day as a man in the world; competitively, yes; encountering many things, many decisions, some worthwhile, some just to pass the day.’

But be aware of every moment that you live.  Be aware of your kindness, your generosity, your charity, your hope, your drive, your interests, your goals, your humility, and wipe away any part of ego that might be robbing you of the Beauty of Light for the benefit of your Soul that must return to The Father one day.

You are Blessed many times through This Great Miracle.  It is a Miracle of Greatness because the Miracle is a Lesson in Hope.  It does not divide you, it unites you with the Apostles of a long time ago.  It gives you strength, it gives you encouragement, and it says ‘Live life fully.’

Be understanding.  See reality.  And when you want to look at things ideally, see the practicality in how you act, the reasonability in what you think, do and say, and the hope that you express in your good example, and let others see the love you have for The Father, in what you do, how you act, how you think, and of course, what you say.

Your actions do speak loud sometimes.  Your eyes say more than you feel they reveal, for many times the eyes of a man, woman or child express what’s in the heart when the mouth cannot do so.

So when you lay your head tonight, and all nights to come, speak to The Father as a son.  He will remember you by blessing you with Grace.  He will also give you the strength to grow firmly in a Better Place.  So be it.”