God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 9, 1974 at 10:05 pm


“The world is screaming for a Miracle. I have given the world a Miracle. The world is shouting, ‘God, help us.’ I am. The children throughout the world are saying, ‘You have forsaken us.’ I, your Father, have not forsaken you, for at all times, through hardship, terror, hurt, and yes, moral confusion, I say to men, ‘I come in a direct form, I come direct to you, I come with Lessons to help you, to direct you, in the manner I Decreed for you a long time ago.’

Now let Us, you and I, take a trip down a path, up a path, around a path, into a place of great worth. Now I hold your hand and you say to Me, ‘God, where are We?’ I say to you, ‘On the path to Heaven.’ You say to Me, ‘What will it be like?’ I say to you, ‘It will be bright. It will give you courage, happiness and joy, tranquility and peace, love, and you will know at all times the Beauty of My Way and you will feel the worth of having been man upon the earth.’

And now you say to Me, ‘How long is the path, God?’ And I will look into your face and say, ‘As long as I Decree.’ And then you will say, ‘God, who else is on the path with Us?’ And I will turn and say to you, ‘Many more, and with each of them, the Soul I gave accompanies them. I walk it with many men, many Souls.’

Now let Us go on and you will say, ‘At the forks in the road, in the path, will I have to make the choice?’ I will say, ‘No, child, it is too late to make the choice. You have made all the choices when you were upon the earth.’ And now you will say to Me, ‘What will I do when I reach the end?’ And I will say to you, ‘The end is but the beginning, remember this.’

We will walk along now in many ways, and then you will say, ‘I feel warmer, God,’ and I will say, ‘Because of the Rays of My Love closer to the Realm of Heaven, this occurs.’ And then you will say, ‘Will it get too hot?’ And I will smile and say: ‘I am Just, do not fear. The path to Heaven is a beauty. Enjoy all things, and do not compare them with the earthly ones but enjoy the beauty, for you see, The Angels are accompanying you and Me.’

And now, We will go on and you will say: ‘Look, God, a beautiful Castle, is it for me? Am I to stay there for the rest of time?’ Perhaps I will say, ‘Yes.’ Perhaps I will say, ‘No.’ But let Us now go on and on, and suddenly We will come across One that you might recognize, a Saint. The Saint will say, ‘Welcome to Paradise,’ and you will say, ‘Is it truly as it seems?’ And the Saint will say, ‘I have been Here a long time and I can say this: There is nothing like It any place. There is Something Here — His Face.’

And now We will go on and on, on this path, to the forks in the road, and do not forget, I will know which to take, for some forks lead off into particular Castles, divisions of a Castle, and some lead to higher ones, or perhaps lower ones, but I will know, do not forget.

So now, We go further down this path and suddenly, before Us, is that Beautiful Mother at last. She smiles and says, ‘Welcome child, to the Place of Honor, for you see, We have waited for you. We have waited for this time, and We do love thee.’

So, remember this, My children, in a time of concern, worry, doubt, fear, need, and if you do, you will walk with Me on the path to Heaven and you will feel free, you will feel the Joy, you will feel the Love, and you will feel Great Mercy. You will feel the Justice in My Hand and you will see the Love in My Eyes and you will know that with Me, there is no compromise. You have earned the path, and now you have earned the privilege to walk it, and then soon, you will earn the way of it.

I love you and I bless you for your work in My Way, and I, your Father, say, ‘Thank you, My children, for being good in the human way.’ So be it.”