Saint Not Named

Saint Not Named

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1970 at 12:50 pm


“The word ‘Saint’, to many men, is a word that says the one who attained this Name did it in the way of perfection, as man. Let me clear this thinking up right now.

To become a Saint should be every man’s Goal, and it is after Sainthood you reach perfection, never before. To become a Saint is less trouble, less agonizing, than to become a great man in the eyes of man. The difference lies in this factor and this factor alone: acclaim now or acclaim later.

Each day of your life can help you on the Goal of Sainthood; easier done when you do it, than when you think about it. No Saint became a Saint on mere dreams, but on doing, acting out small acts of love to God, small favors in His Way. There is much to be said about this way of life. Man somehow feels it would be dull, and only those who have tried it, who have accomplished it, can testify to the fact it is far from dull but carries with it an excitement that no earthly challenge can give.

To be great among men is one thing, but to be great among the Saints is forever. Man’s perplexities of nature seldom make him realize how easy it is to become a Saint, if he allows his will to follow this pattern.

I was man. I conquered many fears, doubts, perplexities, anguishes, falsehoods, and I became a Saint, but let Me inform you of this: It was not My will alone that accomplished this for Me. I had the desire, I had the motivation and God helped Me. You, too, can become a Saint in the way I did. You, too, can follow a pattern in the love of God, for Him, with Him, but remember, never seek to do it alone. You will fail. Ask Him to hold your hand and you cannot fail. So be it.”