Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 7, 2001 at 12:58 pm


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

If you were to walk throughout the world, cover every inch of it where human beings were located, you spoke to them in the language of their way, but you would be on the subject of how they felt about God, what do you think most would say?

This question is very important, because many would have reasoning in what they would answer that would be totally opposite of how you were instructed to think about The Creator, God.

Today as I speak to you, the number of men, women and children who never think of God during the day would shock you. It is important that All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love be sent throughout the world.

Hopefully, you will find translators that will be able to translate properly, and in the True Essence of What is being spoken, written, because what most people do not understand is that there is very little logic in the understanding human beings have for the True Existence of a Creator. Everything is put into script in what is termed ‘a logical format’, easy to understand the human way.

Children are being taught prayers, but somehow or other the prayer is only words, is only an idea that That Saint or Saints exist somewhere. There is very little explanation to children about the background, the necessary logic that connects the Truth of a human being becoming ‘a Saint’, and now can be prayed to for help. Some might say, ‘How can the Saint help me when They have nothing earthly to use that I am praying for?’ My, oh my, this is a sadness for All of Us Here in the Heavens to see, to watch every day.

There are so few clerical, or so-called ‘clerical’ knowledgeable people who have the ability to explain the Importance of a Soul that every human being is the custodian of; thus, the Soul becomes the Saint, not the body of a human being.

Needless to say, many who pride themselves on being wise in Spiritual facts are not practical in how they express the Importance of the Gift of Faith instilled in a human being: Faith in The Creator First, and then Faith in the Purpose for which human life was created, and then, of course, the Goal for the Soul that every human life is gifted with at the moment of conception.

Children are not being instructed properly. Many adults have no real concept of the importance of everything they do, they say, they think, or they act out. They place so much value and responsibility on being human, thus ignoring the Soul that was given to them at the moment of their conception.

I can hear some say now, ‘Well, I cannot see my Soul.’ That’s true, but volumes could be written on how the intellect of a human being can perceive the Fact, adjust to the Fact, be thankful for the Fact, that they were created for a Portion within them that is a Portion of The Creator, in a manner and way not understandable to human life, but obviously there, because a human being understands purity over impurity, justice over injustice, right over wrong, love over hate, caring over uncaring, thus making human life have so many valuable understandings, thus logically saying to human life there is Purpose to human life, and Purpose must have a Goal.

Each day when you awaken, a small prayer would comfort you. Maybe it would take awhile to do this, but it would be nice to say:

‘Good morning, God, I love You. Please help me in everything I do today, for the good of my Soul, and also that in doing this, I will prove my love for You for Another Time, Another Way.’ So be it.”