Saint Mary Magdalene

1st century AD

Saint Mary Magdalene

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 29, 1973 at 7:08 pm


“Ask yourself, how much you trust, how deep is your trust, and what form of trust do you have? How many times have you heard men say, ‘I trust a certain person only this far, in the human way’? I am sure, as I stand Here in the Heavens and read your minds, know your wills, that many of you are aware that you can’t be trusted in certain ways; but you can learn how to trust, so that in trusting others you will become so humble. Humility is a Blessing from God. I, Mary Magdalene, deliver to you a Lesson of Love.

When I looked into His Eyes, I saw Humility. When I looked into His Face, I saw Generosity. When I looked at His Whole Being, I saw Great Dignity. And when I looked at His Hands, I saw Compassion for man, for as He outstretched them to me they were strong, they had purpose; and then I was sorry for all my wrong, for you see, all the sins that I committed in the human way, were against humility. I was prideful, arrogant, not timid, and I made excuses for this. I said, ‘I am lonesome, but I am beautiful.’ But when He looked at me, I knew the beauty of humility was transmitted to me through His Kindness.

And so today, through The Miracle in your way, in God’s Creation, you are being taught The Rules in how to live, the beauty of humility, the power of trust, the dignity of obedience, and yes, the privilege of being little ones created by Him.

On the morrow, when you awaken, say this prayer:

Dear God, let me be humble today. Let me show tolerance. Let me give to other men, hope. Let me extend my hand. Let my face radiate the Beauty of Divine Way. Teach me to trust. Teach me the dignity that should be man’s. So be it.”