Saint Bernadette

1844 - 1879

Saint Bernadette

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 6, 1992 at 3:02 pm


“There are many stories written for children, the subject being that of a character, representing a doll or some imaginative figure that children are supposed to find interesting. Sometimes there have been stories written about prayer, and a few about The Saints in Heaven. It is time the children begin to be taught about the right and the wrong of their action, the importance of truth and untruth, and the responsibilities they have in making correct decisions.

A very small child, one you would term in the baby stage, enjoys stories, especially when there are pictures attached. There are millions of dollars being made by people who have imagination, that in the displays of the imagination, it is attractive to a child in many ways. Also, a child remembers what the story is all about, and many times the child, or children, ask for this story to be repeated.

In the time in which you live, there is much emphasis on advanced education for the young, hoping to develop, not just interest, but knowledge in languages, in science, in mathematics, in drama, in reading. The emphasis is sometimes so harsh, because the adult wants the individual child to be so advanced, many times beyond their years.

I am Saint Bernadette. Children are confused because they see so much fantasy and so much in technical language, so they do not fully understand that there is so much about God to be learned. They hear some, but many parents and many in the family do not want to pressure a child, or children, in the field, in the learning of the Importance of their Spiritual knowledge, growth. They are told some, but not enough to give them the strength to lean upon when they are with others like themselves, when a decision of right or wrong must be made on the spot.

Mankind oftentimes teaches a small amount because of the age of the child, and yet they will see this very same child, man refers to ‘acting like a sponge’ when different subjects are brought up, discussed, delved into. I sincerely hope that more will be given to the little ones, for they are going to be faced with a world full of sin, and if they do not learn to understand the benefits of the right decision, they will agree with what the majority feels in given situations. There are so many excuses regarding what a small child can handle, what a child is limited in.

The educational system in all the countries throughout the world differ, but this is in subjects that are not connected to moral judgment, and the realistic understanding that God Truly Exists and that they are responsible for their behavior, that they must understand that The Father, in His Love for mankind, gave Rules for all of mankind to live by and to understand.

Many times the games they play are not structured to instill in them right or wrong. They are structured for them to win.

I come on this day. It is The Father’s request. Children must be taught that prayer is not just to be said while in bed. Teach them to say: ‘Good morning, God. I love You. Help me through the day.’ Teach them to silently ask His Help. They do not need to say what they feel inside, out loud.

If they are taught about the Soul, they will understand that what they think is immediately heard by the Soul, and the Soul, being a Part of God, they are speaking to God in a special way. A simple Lesson, true, but one that, if it is followed through, will give strength when a child is in a place or with people who are leading them only to moral disgrace. A child is vulnerable, so are adults. But what a treasure it can be to give a child a Lesson of this Personal Closeness to The Holy Trinity. So be it.”