Saint Anastasia

281 AD - 304 AD

Saint Anastasia

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 12, 1992 at 5:45 pm


“We smile when We announce Ourselves to this little one through whom All of Heaven speaks. This Statement might be difficult for some men and women to believe or understand. This Miracle, though It is called ‘a Miracle of Hope’, is a Constant Form of Instruction to all people throughout the world.

There has been so much written by learned theologians. We are not saying it is all wrong, but We are saying that many of the interpretations were according to the theory that they interpreted through what they had learned.

As I speak, there are Many Here Where I am, not just listening to What I am saying, but like in your human way, when you are interested in a conversation or a happening, you find yourself congregating to either participate, or learn about a new subject, or be entertained, or find what is going on interesting, and many times you cooperate.

When mankind talks about Heaven, it is like Heaven is a Place far beyond. This is not so. As long as you have a Soul within you, Heaven is near you, close to you. That is why it is so sad when a man, woman or child accepts impurity in any form, any manner, any degree, for any reason, because the Soul bears a terrible brunt, scar, and it causes great sadness to the Soul and to All of Us.

Mankind ignores, so many times, unkindnesses, impurities, indecencies, and frivolous promiscuities when he or she is involved, or they are participating in the way of watching others in these particular actions or situations. Yes, We are very serious in All Our Statements. Yes, We care very much about every living human being, because We are fully aware of that Special, Important Portion that is instilled at the moment of conception.

We do not say, ‘Do not enjoy life, do not enjoy laughter.’ And do not feel you must walk around constantly leery of places that could bring you happiness. Do not be so afraid of life. There should be, and there was meant to be joy in it, because through joy and happiness, there is strength, there is hope. We do say, ‘Ignore places that are demeaning to your physical, your mental, and of course, your Soul.’

As I speak, Many Here nod Their Heads in agreement. You see, there is no Miracle exactly like This in the whole world.

Little ones must be taught the importance of obedience to God’s Will. They must be instructed that this type of obedience begins in their home life; also, whoever they are with, wherever they go, whatever they do, especially when they must make a decision of purity over impurity, right over wrong.

The Father is so Generous to all of mankind through This Miracle of Hope. Millions of men, women and children are struggling right this moment for sound Spiritual hope, sound Spiritual guidance, sound Spiritual understanding, sound Spiritual instruction. Through This Miracle, It is being given constantly.

All ages must understand the Importance of God’s Commandments, the full meaning of each one, the full direction in each one, and the course of obedience that must be taken regarding each one.

As I speak, I extend My Love, My Hope, to each one who hears Me speak through this small one in the world, who will read the Words I have spoken through her. Some men and women will say: ‘Why her, God? Why not one like You have chosen before?’ We All smile at this, for you see, there are many reasons for the manner in which He does things.

I have the privilege to give you a few more Words. Be sure that you open the day with a prayer, requesting a Blessing for yourselves and for others. Be sure you close the day as you say ‘Goodnight’ or ‘God bless you,’ to those with whom you live, but remember to say to The Father:

‘I love You, God. Thank You for today. I hope tomorrow I will show, in every way, more expression of my love for You, more example to everyone I am with, or who sees me and I do not see them. Thank You, God, for the ability to pray. Thank You for giving me the strength to know that You Exist, and that I can one day be with You again for All Eternity.’ So be it.”