Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 13, 1985


“The world, as you see it, is not totally the way it is. Men go into space, they see the world from far away, a distant place. They look at it and they say: ‘I live on that place, I have done so many things there. It’s a place I know, a place I care about, and a place I want to return to, to resume my way.’

The world is God’s Creation. The world was made for man. The world is special in so many ways, that I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘What has been spoken to you on this night, you must see it as it is, the responsibility of life every moment of every day, in every way.’ Be sure that when you see the responsibility when you wake, responsibility to say to The Father, ‘I love You, help me today,’ and then I am always overjoyed when a child turns and says, ‘Mother, guide me on my way’; and of course, The Son Who walked the earth loves to hear a child pray, He loves to hear that beautiful prayer, ‘Our Father’, Who sent the way.

There are so many things in the world you know about, you see, you take part in, and yes, you try to share in many ways, but I want you to know that in My Mother’s Way I say, ‘Please, My daughters and My sons, be aware of your responsibility in every way.’ This Miracle has been sent to the world, a responsibility for everyone who hears the Words, who reads the Words, for Truth is in Every Word that We have given to you upon the earth.

You say, ‘What is Heaven all about?’ And I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘A Special Place for you to come and share with Us one day.’

Be blessed, My children, and know, that as This Great Miracle walks throughout the world, We walk with It in every way. We have in many ways, at many times, given strength to those who do not believe in how this child could walk a Special path, a Special way, a Special road, and We have listened to them say, ‘Who is she, what does she want, why does she want to do what she says she is Willed to do a Special Way?’ We Here in the Heavens smile and say, ‘A glimmer of Faith shows,’ for she says to them, ‘It must be clean, it must be good, it must be fair, it must be just, I will take it no other way.’

In her silence much is said. In her Words, more than any man knows is said, for you see, when she says, ‘Yes, okay,’ when she says, ‘All right,’ We smile and We look at her for she will turn to Us many times and say, ‘I wanted to shout, I did not want to say “Okay”,’ and We say, ‘We know, but it was the thing to say.’

Please, My daughters and My sons, do not be afraid. Have courage and walk a beautiful way, accepting your responsibility in every way. And let the Light of Divine Love, the Light of Hope, the Light of God’s Strength, My Love, My Guidance, lead you to Where We are, one day.

Be blessed in so many ways, and know, that as I speak to you on this night I say, ‘The Love for you from Heaven glows.’ So be it.”