Saint Therese
of Lisieux

1873 - 1897

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 23, 1983


“All of Us Here in the Heavens speak through this child, this woman in the world, this instrument, this funnel of Truth, the funnel of Light, and We speak in gentle manners, strict ways, and yes, humorous tones of Love, for We truly understand that you are human in every way and that through This Great Gift of Love you are directed to Heavenly Ways.

Purity of mind, purity of body are very important to human life. Purity in Faith, in love with God, is very important to each child’s Soul, for the Soul, a Special Gift from The Father, is there at all times, accepting the brunt of sinful ways, accepting the scars that these sins leave when the act is through, and these scars add up through the days.

I, Saint Therese of Lisieux, have talked to you tonight and I talk to you now and I say: ‘You must remember that to live a life of fullness is important to God, for do not forget, He gave you life in the first place. He gave you the privilege, He gave you permission to be born. He gave you hope in every way, in every thought, in the Faith you understand. He gave you Direction through your Faith in Him.’ Whether you are small or tall, whether you are young or considered middle-aged or old, the Faith is a Special Gift of Divine Love. Your personality, your nature, and all the things you are, are Gifts of Love from Him to you, and He desires these things for you to use to return to Him Above.

It is true, there are Many, Many of Us Saints and We have spoken many, many Words in many ways to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children who have come this way. We do not intend to stop unless The Father says it to be that way.

But on this night My Light is gentle, but in the Light there is Hope, for there is no need for you to feel you should not enjoy life, you should not have happiness, you should not have the things that will give you more strength, more love. You should understand that the Light of Divine Love is Special for everyone, for in It shines many Gifts for many purposes, and of course, all add up to you using all your Gifts to return to God His Love, your Soul.

I have spoken so many times. I was the One to announce This Great Miracle to the world. It was not My will, it was The Father’s Will it be done.

When I walked the earth I had special devotions to The Beloved One. I carried His Name with me wherever I went. I talked to Him in every way I could, for I knew His Strength that took care of The Family upon the earth would take care of me, for my willfulness showed from my very birth. I said to Him many a time in my life, ‘Saint Joseph, watch over me today and tonight, for I will try to rule like a queen and I know that will not gain Heaven for me.’

There were times when I did not feel well and I wanted to spoil myself, and then I would remember all the things I had learned about that Family Who walked the earth. They could not rest; They had to run many a time from trouble, from hurt.

I remembered, too, that my Heavenly Queen, yours too, worked in a home to help others, and perhaps the work became very heavy for Her, for do not forget, She had a Son Who brought home many others. She served them all, for as He taught from the step of Their place, from a room in Their home, from the path outside, She fed them the physical food so they would stay longer, as He fed them the Spiritual Fruit of Divine Love. Her Love was Special, Her Light Divine. His Purpose, to give you and I the Way to return to Him for all time.

Be blessed, My children, and never forget, We Saints Here in the Heavens were one day like you, human in every respect.

And never forget to say at night, before you lay your head, a special little prayer asking forgiveness for all the things you have done that could have scarred your Soul even a little bit.

And in the morning when you arise, make it a habit to say:

‘Good morning, God, I love You, stay with me today. Good morning, Blessed Mother, please do not forget, if I stray today even a little bit, grab me by the shoulder, turn me another way, for I do not want to scar my Soul another time, another way.’

And never forget to add to this little prayer:

‘Saint Joseph, hold me close to the Wisdom of God, to the Will of God, and help me to learn to share the burden of the day and the love God expects me to give to others, the way He Wills it to be given through me today.’ So be it.”