Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1973 at 8:25 pm



I will tell you what I see. I see with the Eyes of my Soul. Oh, it’s Our Heavenly Mother. She is dressed — the way I would describe it would be: the gown is pearl-like, but it could be described as similar to an aurora borealis. That’s the only way I could explain it. She’s smiling because I go into such detail on what She’s wearing.

Mmm, my goodness! Her Hands are like velvet and from Her Hands there is an Oil dripping, but it’s not oil like we know oil to be; It’s clear and It’s light and It comes in one drop at a time, like this, and It glistens on Its way down.

Our Lady is explaining to me the people that are down below; they’re lined up according to their sins. The first row, they’re all ages, and the Oil is dripping on their heads — like that — all the way down the line. She’s not moving from the spot, but it seems that She’s above their heads. And She goes to the second row and the Oil flows more slowly. And then the third row, and it’s like that. Oh my! And then She goes to the fourth row and the speed of the flow of the Oil is like that, all the way down the line. And We go to the next row.


“My beloved children, I love you, I need you, and I need all the things that you can do to serve The Father; for, you see, those whom I have not placed the Oils upon need much prayer, much reparation on their behalf. I have shown you Oils dripping from My Hands. It is the Oil of the Heavenly Way.

There are so many children in the world who desire all Grace, but who do not desire the way of It. I, your Mother, come to you through a child such as you and I say, ‘Those who are granted the Oil in a great amount, in a quick manner, are children devoted to The Commandments God gave. They are devoted to prayer; devoted, in many ways, to doing the Will of The Father in their little way.’

I do not say those in the first line are children who walk a great line, but in their heart, in their way, they devote each day to serving God in a special, little way. They say to Him when they awaken:

‘I love You, God, let Your Will be my way. Let everything I do today be in Your Honor, to show love Your Way. Let my whole being be in such a way that others will see You through my eyes, through my work, through my walk, through my deeds, and through everything I say.’

You see, My children, there are so Many Saints, Here in the Heavens Where I am, that walked each day in this manner and in this way, just doing the little things, the everyday physical means.

I, your Heavenly Mother, say, ‘Remember the Oil I passed out today, and as you do, remember the way to attain It, the means to gain It.’

I bless you through the child’s eyes, I bless you through her hand, I bless you through the Light she gives, in the Words she says to every man. I bless you in a Motherly Embrace. I bless you with Grace, for through Grace, you will better understand the Beauty of the Oil flowing from My Hands. So be it.”