Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 22, 1972 at 11:21 am


“My children, I do not appear to the child in a Vision, for sometimes when I do, the emphasis on the Vision draws you from My Words that I want you to hear. I am your Beloved Mother and I speak through this child to tell you what God wants of you.

This Miracle has been sent to the world to help you. This Miracle is a Gift from God. This Miracle is One of Courage, One of Strength, One of Perseverance, One of Dignity, and One in which all things taught are to draw you to the desire to see truth. It is unknown to man, such a Miracle as This. It is unknown to man, God’s Great Love for man. The Purpose of This Miracle is to draw you close to Divine Plan, to show you the weakness of selfishness, the hazards of self-love, the wickedness of evil, the beauty of prayer, the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist and the Joy of Heaven Here.

The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who was My Spouse upon the earth, is a Miracle for the whole world. What you did not know when you entered His home on earth was this: You were touched in the heart with more Faith, more love, more courage, for what you did not see when you entered here, was The Holy Family.

I hold the child, for the Power that We use is One not known to man, and I show It to you. I come to the world through This Miracle to give you a pattern to follow so you will be sure you can do God’s Will. First, My little ones, when you awaken in the morning, offer quiet prayers to The One Who made you, and as you do this, be sure you thank Him for the privilege of the day. Do not become so sure of your intelligence, your knowledge, yourself, that you forget to look to Him first each day.

There are many men around being used as pawns of satan. The Father is allowing All Saints to help you through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph. You must be aware of sinful men who will do anything to gain your Soul. Some of these men are close to you, some are related to you. If I could show you at this moment, the sight I see from the Heavens Where I am, you would vomit your insides out at the sinfulness of man, for there are many places, some unknown and some of great renown, that harbor evil all around.

To love God and to desire purity does not rob you of life. It is the first step to it. Man has not had the example before him that he has needed for a long time. Satan does not allow one moment to pass, day and night, that he does not latch on to the slightest thing to gain a child’s Soul, even in dreams. Many men, learned ones, have lost Faith in God’s Way, have rejected the simplicity of how God works and they are seeking a sensationalism, a commercialism to cause their senses action.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I have pleaded with children for prayer. Some have complied, most have not. The time has come for man to be aware of his Soul, and less of all, of his physical. Children are being murdered for ridiculous reasons because man is so concerned with the physical aspects that he is forgetting the Soul of the unborn. This is satan’s scheme, this is evil, and those who indulge in it, and those who partake in any part of it, will have to answer to God for it.

Men all over the world are seeking new methods for perversion of all kinds, for sins of all degrees. God says, ‘I did not make man for this purpose,’ so He is using This Miracle to change things. Do not give God excuses for your lack of prayer, but grow so in love with Him that you begin to care, for through this caring you will grow in a way and in a manner bigger than you know, but you will find happiness and glow.

I, your Mother, say to you on this day, ‘Do not reject the beauty of the world; the beauty is goodness, the beauty is truth, the beauty is obedience God’s Way for you.’ I bless you with My Love and I say, ‘Make every moment count through your day, so when nighttime falls and you end in a prayer, you will feel the day well-done and a step closer to The Divine One.’ Your heart was touched and your mind alerted to God’s Will; a Gift, a must to you, a Gift of growth to grow in, a Gift with Great Purpose, so you will not sin. So be it.”