Saint Francis
of Assisi

1181 - 1226

Saint Francis of Assisi

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 18, 1972 at 7:47 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Francis of Assisi. I come through this child on this night to teach each one of you God’s Love, and I say, ‘As you gather in God’s Name, some of you did not want to come this way, but it was The Father’s Will you did on this night, for you see, tonight can be the beginning for each of you to be a Saint.’

I walked the earth, and when I did, not all men agreed with me and not all men cared about me, but I knew that there had to be a Higher One, and when I grew to love Him I knelt to pray to Him, and I said to Him, ‘Please, God, help me in all things and help me on a road to You, for I know man cannot do this for me.’

And one night, as I knelt beside a low bed, I said to Him, ‘I will sleep on the floor if You will but allow me to, my God.’ I did not hear Him then, but I knew that He would appreciate this act of love, for you see, I knew so many men around me were sinning, and so many men did not care about The Creator Who I knew was there.

And as I grew more and more in love with Him and I learned to pray to Him, I learned to say, ‘Thy Will, my God,’ each day, and you, too, My children, must learn to say this as you walk in the physical way. Say to Him as you awaken in the morning:

‘Thy Will, my God, today, not mine. Teach me to do Your Will in all things.’

And as you grow in this way, you will grow in love God’s Way, but you will grow in joy, peace, tranquility, yes, and you will grow to be a Saint.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Hope, I bless you with Truth, and I say, ‘Oh, My children, thank The Heavenly Father for the Faith you have today, and do not take the Faith you have and keep it in a small amount, but help it grow by serving God and loving Him, and praying for more strength to serve Him.’ So be it.”