Saint Not Named

Saint Not Named

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 12, 1970 at 9:40 pm


“Don’t weary, children, of the Words, for there are millions More to describe the Love that God has for the world and all its children. Many Saints are in the Heavens to help you when you need it. Don’t hesitate to call on Them, for They will intercede. Their Mission is to help you and to work for God.

Many times you pray to Them and They say to The Father, ‘The child is begging for this; is it possible to give it?’ God does smile for He has heard the prayers, the desire. He says: ‘With all things taken into consideration, is it truly worthwhile? Will it interfere in any way with things to come? Will it touch another’s life and cause it any trouble, or is it solely for the child? Will the happiness it brings be all good? Will it help the child to Me?’

The Saints do plead the case real well, for They walked the way as man. They smile and say, ‘There are some things that could happen from the plan.’ Then God does say: ‘The child I love; let’s favor him another way, one better for the total thing, and with it, give him Love, so he is not too disappointed for the absence of the favor.’

This is just a small amount of things that do occur when you pray for certain favors through the Saints. The Saints work diligently for God, in service to Him. The Love in Heaven is so Great They want all to share It.

I ask you, children, to really think about the Words given to you tonight. No child who stood alone could say Them; you know this is right. When you look Them over, see the Truth in Them. Thank your God for giving you the privilege to partake in Them. For every Word said tonight, there is a Soul Who must hear Them. For every Soul there is a Space in Heaven, just for him.

I ask you to remember the daily Mass that’s open for you to walk into and receive the Host awaiting you. I ask you to remember the way the hands must be; to remember, also, penance and sacrifice to be. I ask you, too, to say a daily Rosary, perhaps two or three.

A Signal of Love, My children, from the God Above, is The Miracle of Joseph for all men to love. His Power in the Heavens will be known throughout the world, through the little child who speaks My Words and is obedient to God.

I end This Revelation with a prayer for you tonight. Please say it often and when you do, it will remind you of this night.

After the Cross, your sign of love, say these words:

‘I offer You this day, my God, for a very special purpose. Please place each act, each word I say, each step I do take in the way, to help another that You choose today. Let every breath that I do breathe be for the things You want. Do not let me sin today and cause anyone hurt. I love You, God, please know this, and help me love You more, for the happiness I know is waiting for all men. I ask You, God, to help me each day from now on. Amen.’