Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 10, 1981


“It is always enjoyable to speak through This Miracle of The Beloved One, The One that I, too, went to for favors, for direction, for hope, for understanding, and for everything that I wanted. I would kneel and I would speak to Him. I would say: ‘Heavenly One, grant me what I want. It is for The Father’s Will to be done upon the earth.’ And sometimes when I rose to my feet, I would think about what I had said and then I would immediately go down again upon my knees and say, ‘Forgive me for my abruptness but time is short and there is a need.’

So please, My daughters, remember All that was spoken before this time tonight, and be aware that when you kneel, be concerned with what you say, but be sure you say it, for you must know there is no request, there is no prayer that is not heard. And when you pray, pray in Faith, for in this way you are a child, and The Father looks upon you and says, ‘How can I not give to a child such good things, for the child does not want all this for themselves but they do want it for others, and this will give charity every way.’

So please, My daughters, remember this, and you, My sons, who listen to what I say. Be aware of kneeling in prayer. Be aware of the Light through This Great Miracle that comes your way. The Miracle of The Beloved One is never without the Light of The Father’s Way, for The Beloved Saint Joseph walks in the Light of The Father, expresses the Light of The Father, gives Light to everyone who come This Way. And remember, He is the Light of The Father, He is the Love in many ways.

I have spoken to you in your time, your way, and I want you to know that as I come to the earth, I speak of ordinary things for that is what you know, but as the Light shines in this room and as the Words flow through this instrument to you, be aware that it is the Light of The Holy Ghost that touches each of you. The Father’s Will is being done, The Father’s Love is extended to everyone, and The Father’s Hope is for the Soul of every child born to the world.

Be sure, My children, when you pray tonight, kneel and say the words just right. And as you pray, look up to Him, and then bow your head and nod again. And do not forget, when you are through and you say, ‘Amen,’ whisper a little note of thanksgiving and of love, for He will hear all of them. So be it.”