Saint Catherine Laboure

1806 - 1876

Saint Catherine Laboure

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 5, 1989


“As I walked the earth I was involved with people. I speak so naturally through this child, this woman in the world. Many times I speak through her in ordinary conversation.

Just the other day when a man approached her, she made a Statement to the man that was Mine, not hers.
She immediately said, ‘Who are You, what do You want to get across?’ I smiled and I said, ‘I have already spoken It.’

The man has thought about the Statement several times since, but thought about It in ways in connection to his life, in how he walks, what he’s about, and his own integrity in the world. He does not know Who spoke to him. He says, ‘That woman spoke to me.’ That’s what he thinks it was.

This is how We Here in the Heavens use the Souls, the children upon the earth. Obedience is important to Our Way.

As I speak through her tonight, and I spoke through her and to her all day, there was much exhaustion, physical, mental, and she said, ‘Please do not wear me out Spiritually or I will be too tired to say Your Words again.’

I am Saint Catherine of Laboure. I hold her not too tightly on this night, for as the body is stressed with pain, weariness, exhaustion, and love for All that was spoken to you on this night, I say that if children will but seek out the Glory of Heaven, they can do it every day.

Do not misuse time. Do not misplace the beauty in the Gift of Faith and prayer in your time. Do not forget to ask The Father’s Blessing. You see, you do not hesitate to ask the blessing of one who walks the vocation way of the Priesthood. You feel the strength, you say. You feel a love for this path of life. But know this, My children, that every day as you ask for The Father’s Blessing, He passes It on to you immediately, and then He oftentimes sends One of Us to see how you are doing that day.

Do not think you are alone in the world; you are not. Your Faith in Him is far greater in your strength, to your strength, for your strength, than I can say to you, so you will understand the Greatness of His Way.

On the morrow, perhaps even tonight you will remember to say, ‘I love You, God, good night.’ And then on the morrow when you awaken for the day, say, ‘Good morning, God, I love You; stay with me today.’

It is a treasure of a prayer and it is a prayer that is easy to say. It is also a prayer that He loves to hear for He knows then that you are thinking of Him in your little way. So be it.”