Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 23, 1994


“I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. I have spoken so many times through a little one in the world. So much Truth has been extended to mankind Verbally and in the Written Word. I speak through a tired voice, a tired body, one that in many ways bears much physical suffering. When We approach her to speak or to write, it is a burden beyond human understanding.

So many times when a man, woman, or even a child picks the Words up to read, there is a definite feeling that We were truly present when These Words were delivered. So many times much suffering must occur for These Words to reach all the areas They must reach.

When We walked the earth, Our tasks were serious, Our tasks were deliberate, and We had, in many ways, a path to walk that had a definite direction.

The little one through whom I speak is guided in every way by Us, and she is ever alert of the importance of responsibility, and the necessity for obedience at a given moment.

Ask yourself, when you leave this room, will you have the freedom to walk in the manner you want to walk, to speak in the manner you desire to speak, to make decisions of which direction you will take, also decide what purpose you will use what you heard spoken and the manner in which you will use it, or if you will not use it? This little one through whom I speak does not have that choice.

Man says, ‘I have the freedom of my will.’ That is a Beautiful Act of Love from The Father, to give mankind a will to use, always hopefully for purity, morality, and all that is good. Sometimes mankind abuses this Great Gift of Love, this Gift that was given so generously, and had so much purpose to it, in it, because when you walk with a free will, you can make the decisions to follow all that is correct, all that is right, no one to force you into a state of immorality. When you accept immorality, you accept it with your own will unless, of course, it is forced upon you, and then the situation is quite different.

But ask yourself, when you awaken in the morning, what direction do you take, what direction do you make, what decisions do you decide will give you more strength, more purpose to your life, and also more Grace to your Soul? Can you say before you lay your head at night, ‘I’ve walked for You today, my God, in every step I took, every thought I had, every act I performed, and yes, every word I said’? It is important for you to make this examination of conscience, examination of your way of life, every night before you lay your head.

Man says: ‘I have said my prayers, and I’ve performed what I feel that I was supposed to perform. I said my night prayers.’ How did you say them? Did you think about them when you said them, and did you talk in a personal way in any part of these prayers, or did you say them so quickly, so repetitively, because you knew them so well by heart?

I want you on this night to remember one thing, that as you talk to others every day, and as you look at someone that you do not know, what do you say in the look you give, in the way you act? Do you, in your own way, make them see a person who has dignity, composure, and has a direction that is important for human life, or do they see someone lackadaisical, indifferent, careless, rude, blustery? Remember that your presence is of great importance.

The Father’s Love is a Love of Perfection. The Father’s Love is a Love for the Soul that He gave every human life at the moment of conception. It is the Greatest Love anyone can bestow upon another human life. It is from The Father, His Love for His Creation of mankind.

So on the morrow, or even yet tonight, when you arrive at a place where perhaps it is quiet, and you are ready to say ‘Good night’ to those with you, how will you say it to God, and will you remind Him that on the morrow you will act differently and you will see Him in every ray of light, because you will express to others your feeling about Him, your understanding of Him, and the happiness you feel because you were born to be free, to have a will, and above all things, you have a Portion of God within you that is to be returned to Him as a Bright Light?

There are so many avenues for mankind to think about, and there is so much Love in This Beautiful Miracle of Divine Hope, Divine Love, for mankind to learn from, to one day become a Great Saint.

The word ‘Saint’, to man, is oftentimes applied to someone else that died a long time ago, but as you are present on this night, I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, want to say: ‘You have the opportunity to become a Saint. It is not important that the whole world knows that you have become a Saint. The important thing is for you to know that you have led an exemplary life and that you have done everything for the benefit of your Soul, to please God First above all things, and then to reach that Ultimate Goal.’ So be it.”