God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 8, 1970 at 6:18 pm


“I say to you, My sons, ‘God stands on the corner, waiting for you to pass by, to recognize Him.’ Would you stay where you are or would you go forward? Would you be reluctant or would you run? I say to you now: ‘I am on the corner, every corner. I am in the Churches, most Churches. I am in the homes, many homes. I am in the hearts, all hearts, but all children do not recognize this fact.’

I created all children, two types, each type for a specific purpose; to carry on My Love, My Will and My Way. When My daughters come to Me I am fully aware of all things about them: their little ways, their tempers, the things that make them happy and what they feel about love. My sons I am aware of also, and I see them in the true sense of light that they do stand for. Remember, I placed a Son on the earth to live as man, to die as man, and to arise as a Supreme Being, to show My Power, to show My Love to all children.

Never neglect your love for Me, for I would never neglect you. Love Me first, love Me wholly, and I will return the Love one day in a way that no child could return to Me. The simplicity of My Love is profound. Your love is beautiful to see, for I did give it to thee. I ask each child to build this love to such a great amount, that when he returns to be with Me, the Heavens will ring out. The Angels greet each Soul in such a beautiful way, and They desire to do it for every child who comes to Me.

I ask you, sons, to say These Words tonight and every night:

‘I love You, God. Thank You for this life. Help me, God, to return to Thee.’

So be it for now.”