Saint John Vianney

1786 - 1859

Saint John Vianney

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 13, 1986


“My beloved daughters and My beloved sons throughout the world, I heard many, many children plead for mercy in the small box you call ‘a confessional’. I heard the words flip. I heard the words in anger. I heard the words in criticism of other people. I heard the words diminished so the offense would not seem so great. I heard the words exaggerated to impress me. I heard the words in so many ways, but I would always look beyond the words to find the depth of Beauty that God wanted to see in the Soul of the individual.

Words are easy to come by. If everyone in the world was asked to describe a particular figurine, you would not get the exact words of description from every human being. One would see one thing, one would see it a color different than the others. One would feel something, one would exaggerate one way, one would not like it. Human beings are made up of many facets of thinking, of projection, of intention, of opinion, of meaning.

My children, I speak as One Who knows. I speak as One Who walked the way you walk. I speak with The Father’s Will intended, for you see, in your Faith you walk a special role. The role you walk is one guided and guarded, to the Purpose for your Soul.

You walk each day in the physical role, and when you lie your head at night and you say, ‘God, help me to have no fear in what I am about, help me to understand that I must do certain things,’ He hears you. Many of Us Here in the Heavens hear you, and whatever action is taken to help you either control your fear, your anger, your hurts, We are directed by The Father to aid you whenever it is needed, according to His Will.

I walked as a priest upon the earth. I walked a single role. I walked and many people became angry when I would shout at them, ‘What about your Soul?’ They would look at me, sometimes shyly, sometimes briskly, sometimes even in a frisky way, for you see, they could not see their Soul, so the Soul was a Part of them that they felt was God’s, and they didn’t have the responsibility to guard that Soul the way I had projected the Soul to them.

They said that they couldn’t see It, they couldn’t feel It. They were wrong. You can feel your Soul every moment of every day. Your Soul is present in your thinking. Your Soul is present in what you do. You know right from wrong. Your Soul is this Light that tells you the decision is right or wrong. It is not conscience that you lean upon. It is your conscience that registers after you have committed your will to a decision.

Your Soul is the Light of your life. Your Soul radiates through your physical eyes. And when you look at a child who is pure in thought, in way, no matter what the child looks like and no matter how few of words the child can say, there is an extension of your love for the innocence you see. It is this way with The Father when He looks at you every day. The more pure your Soul, He recognizes your love for Him in special ways.

Go through Those Commandments, My children, and do not make excuses for yourselves but look at each Commandment as you know it to be, in the condensed form you understand and you recognize. And when you do, go through it well, recognize your offenses, and then say to your Soul, ‘Help me.’

I, as a priest upon the earth, could tell a person what was right, what was wrong, but I could not walk hand in hand with every man, woman and child who came to me. When they walked away I sometimes would feel a tug of their Soul saying, ‘Oh, Father Vianney, hang on to the child for Me.’

When I was declared ‘a Saint’ by man I said: ‘Oh God, so much more responsibility upon the earth. It was nice to have left that responsibility behind Me,’ for you see, My children, the cry of your Soul is a cry not familiar to you. It is a sound that The Father hears because the Soul is a Part of Him, and the sound is within Him when your Soul is neglected, hurt, scarred, or made impure in any way.

Tonight I have spoken much and I want the whole world to know My Words, for as the world reads, you had the privilege to listen, but I must add to this, you must also remember, ‘Walk in purity, look at the Light of your Soul as one day standing before The Father, being recognized by Him, with your name, and you will be allowed in some form, to feel the Touch of The Father Personally.’ No Greater Love could man experience than this, and I add to this, ‘No Greater Way to spend Heaven than to serve The Father humanly.’ So be it.”