Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 26, 1971 at 11:25 am


“My daughters, I speak to you today with a firmness and with an eagerness to penetrate your heart and Soul with a desire for love for Me. I speak in a deliberate manner to let you know the Words come from Me. Every Word said to you thus far has been said as a command in love, for I am The Son of The Father Who created you.

I walked the earth as you. I walked in troubled times as you. If I were to ask each child here now to carry a cross similar to the one I carried for you, how agreeable would you be, how delighted would you be, how fearful would you be, how kind would you be, how generous would you be? How privileged you would be. The cross I hand is light. Along with the cross is strength. As you receive The Holy Eucharist and hold It within, inside your being, the degree of Love at this time is equal to the degree of strength you have for Me. I sometimes add a little more and sometimes make you want more, but everything I do has a reason and calls for trust from you.

When you laid your head the night before, you trusted Me that I would allow you to face the dawn. The trust was as a child would do, expecting The Father to come through. Tonight, when you lay your head, say a prayer to Me and offer sacrifice, offer love, give penance, and make a promise that you will love Me more. It will be easy to do and I will hear you; and remember, My children, the act will bear much fruit.

Do not make excuses but be direct, and take time when you speak to Me at the laying of the head. As you lay your head on a soft place, remember the time My Head, full of thorns, was pressed against a wooden frame that bore My Bones. It will make it easier for you to say, ‘I love You, God, help me to grow each day.’

I bless you with The Father’s Love and with My Heart of Truth, and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost for you. I ask you to notice the Crown they placed upon My Brow, ridiculing My Royalty and causing Blood all around. Man has a lark creating indignities to other men, but I stand ready to catch a spark of love directed My Way. Sometimes the spark, when it is noticed by the child, can turn into a blaze in a little while. There are Many Saints Here with Me now, Who reacted to the spark, and suddenly They were consumed with love of My Heart.

So as I leave, I give you Grace to change what you must change, and to grow in love with Me in a beautiful, humble way.”