Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 17, 1982


“Tonight, before you lay your head, it would be wise to kneel by your bed and say a prayer asking for forgiveness for all the mistakes, all the errors, all the weaknesses displayed during the day. It would also be wise to ask God to help you tomorrow be a better man.

Men say, ‘When the sun is very hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.’ This heat is controlled by God. Have you ever thought that if the sun was not held at a distance from the earth, you would die, but the Control is One Alone.

The Rays that come forth to your Souls tonight, My sons, are governed by The Father’s Will, controlled by how much He is aware of what you can stand, what you can take, what you can endure.

The Light of Heaven is all around where this instrument is. The Light of Heaven falls gently upon you, in a form and in a way for you to better understand the necessity of not walking upon the earth vulnerable to every weakness of man, but grow in strength so you can walk in the Light of Hope to be good example for every other man.

The Light is bright, the Light is dim, the Light is strong, and you must understand, the Light that is sent by The Father lights the Light of you within. Be conscious of the depth of this Light. Be aware of the Light that gives to all men more Faith, more Hope, more Understanding, more Grace, more Strength, to walk in the world with men.

The issues are many, My sons, that must be corrected, conquered, solved, and yes, eliminated.

There is so much immorality in the midst of man that men forget Who I Am. I Am The Light of The Father, I Am The Hope for the world, and through the Light that I Am, I pass on to you Grace to give you strength to be a pure man.

It is no disgrace to be full of Grace. It is something to be envied by every other man. So if you feel unsuccessful in life, be a success in your Spiritual way so that you can feel the Grace of God enter your Soul during the day.

You must honor The Father as He wishes to be honored, with dignity. And do not forget, the beauty of piety is special to Him for it says you love Him, you respect Him, and you want to return to Him one day.

The Light is different for each of you, for each of you are in a different state of Faith. The Light is bright, the Light shines true, the Light I send to you tonight is Pure clear through. The Light is blue, the Light is pink, the Light is yellow, the Light is orchid, the Light is white, the Light is green, the Light that I send to surround you. It is all the colors created by God, and through each color He sends you a Spark of Hope, a Ray of Love, and a Direction to go.

You are Blessed, My sons, in more ways than you know. You are Blessed with Truth, be bound to It. You are Blessed with Love, recognize It. You are Blessed with Hope, secure It. You are Blessed in Light too profound for you to understand, but This Light is a Blessing from God to man.

No time in the world for falseness, no time left for substitutions. Relationship between you and God is one in which He holds you deeply. He respects you. You must respect Him.

I Am The Light of Him. I Am The Wisdom, and I Am The One Who sends to the world through this instrument, All the Words, All the Direction. All of Heaven has come forth to give mankind this Absolute Protection. So be it.”