Saint Athanasius

c. 296 - 373

Saint Athanasius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 5, 1982


“We Here in the Heavens realize, understand, and encourage men of all races, all colors, all creeds, to go to The Mother for their needs, for Here We see Her in the Glory of Pure Light, Pure Wisdom, Reality.  Here in the Heavens We call Her Name, We bow Our head, We genuflect many times at the mere thought of Her, for it is an act of love to honor Her.

In the world men, in many ways, are rejecting Her because they are resorting to, complying with the wishes of the evil one.  They are consorting with impure actions, ideas, plans, motives, finding it momentarily pleasurable, but I want you to know the results of such are dangerous to your Soul.

If All of The Saints were to come down upon the earth and use Their Power, Their Strength against you, you could not handle the Power or the Strength, nor could you endure the blows.  The Father has chosen a better way to reach you, through an instrument, through Words, through time, giving you the chance to help to build a City for The Divine, giving you the chance to grow, not more emotional but more Spiritual; not to walk with your head in the clouds but with your feet on the ground, seeing the reasonability of all things, the rational direction.

I hold the instrument deeply and I show her a Vision of what could be if men do not change drastically.  She has seen the Vision before.  It is as though an earthquake struck.  There is total devastation and she is walking on the street alone.  I do not allow her to cry for what she sees, but the fear of such a horror is more than words can reveal.

The buildings are down, the rubble all around.  The rocks are jagged on her feet.  The pain in walking is excruciating.  There are Several of Us Saints walking with her, but in her Vision of this she sees only what has occurred.  The Father has destroyed the world.

The Light of the Heavens must be recognized for the Purity They hold, for the Hope, the Justice, and yes, Divine Authority must be seen throughout the world.

I am a Saint in the Heavens and I speak for All of Us Here.  Men must begin to be logical, sensible, and more solemn in their prayers.

When I walked upon the earth I was like you in many ways.  I am known for particular things, but I was a man and that’s how others saw me.

As like Other Saints, I am always with this child, this woman, this instrument.  I am Saint Athanasius, and you live now in a time of not one heresy, but many.  You live now in a time of great tragedy, chaos, turmoil, and demonic pleasures.  You live now in a time where there are so few leaders in sound Spiritual measures.  Most talk of what they read, what they have interpreted.  Most want attention, most want to be known.  Most want their name to be on the lips of other men.  This gives them a power in human exchange.

Be conscious and be aware that as you walk in the world as man, you walk as many of Us did, human in every respect, with an intellect of all degrees, in vocations perhaps that you are not happy with, but you have one thing in common with Us:  We, too, had a Soul; We, too, recognized that We must fulfill Our life according to the Will The Father Decrees.

This instrument is in the throes of many decisions, some of them earth-shattering, some of them for great measures at a later date.  But as We stand with her through all the decisions, We are sure of one thing:  The Father’s Will is first.  She is relentless in this.  Other men do not always feel the subject should even be brought up, but it is, and We are happy about this, but let Me tell you this: ‘Her strength on this issue is their strength in many issues, that they draw from her for their decisions to be made in areas far beyond what they think.  Her presence to them is as important as her presence is to you, yet they do not understand why.’

I have come to you on this night with a Love that is protective, with an Earnestness that is sincere, and with All Sound Direction for each of you here.

Never let one day go by that you do not kneel in Honor of Our Heavenly Mother, that you do not bow your head when you say Her Name, and that you do not think before you act impurely, knowing that your purity is important to Her, for you are a son She cherishes.  She does not always say it for you to hear, but you must understand, one of the Great Mysteries of Heaven is, you must understand and realize that Faith is a practical view of what made you exist, how you must live according to this Faith, and the attention you must give to this Faith so one day you will truly live.

My sons, you are Blessed in so many ways.  The Light that tires some of you can remain with you if you allow it.  Just remember to say the prayer:

‘Our Lady of All Light and All Purity, be with me.

Do not leave me and do not allow me to stray.’

And then do not forget to kneel, bow your head or genuflect.  So be it.”