Saint Aloysius

1568 - 1591

Saint Aloysius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 3, 1973 at 7:43 pm


“For the first time since Our Lord walked the earth, God The Father has designed a Miracle to give Another Son a new birth. The Son is Joseph, and in the Heavens He is the Highest One. And it has already been prophesied that He will come again to the world, but satan did not expect Him to come through a woman. He expected Him to come through a man. God said so. But what satan overlooked was God’s Ingenuity, for God put The Miracle through the family plan; and what other way would Saint Joseph walk the earth but through a family way, for that’s the way He knows best.

When He walked behind Mary and This Baby that She bore through an Immaculate Conception, He knew that He was the Protector. He knew that He was the One that had to trust totally in God’s Way. He knew that He was the One Who was given a burden in the human way. He also knew that The Son Whom She carried had a Special Place in life, a Place for all mankind, but it was not described to Him when the Announcement was made, nor when the Birth came.

Now, in the time in which you live, you are being given the chance to also become a Great Saint. There are many, many Levels in Heaven; many, many Places awaiting each of you. There are many, many children who are on the wrong path; they have decided to walk only in the physical. I am Saint Aloysius.

You see, My children, you are not fools; you are wise. You, most, walk in Faith. There are so many of you here who must rise to a higher Place, and that is why God brought you here. You must better understand, not the human way, but the human privilege of going God’s Way. You must begin to understand also, that to walk in the human life means that you are going Somewhere and you will need Light. You must also realize that the human way is not a waste. Even all the little mistakes that you make, use them to advantage, make them make you better in God’s Plan. And when you create an error for others, be sure that you make reparation, for you see, this, too, is in The Father’s Plan.

I come through this child immediately. I come through her to teach you humanly, the way to better understand that as God made you unto His Likeness, He said: ‘I give you flesh, I give you a Soul, and yes, I have given you a Guardian Angel. And when you leave this small place, an edifice built by man, you are a trinity; and to direct this trinity, to help this trinity to return to Me, I have given you a will, the will to better understand, to better direct you to My Plan.’

Oh, My children, do not escape the Direction here in this small room, for you see, one day when you stand Face to face with The Holy Trinity, you will remember this night and you will say: ‘Thank You, Father, for telling me, through a Saint, how I was made unto Your Likeness; and the best part of it all is, that on that night I realized I could become a Saint. So now, as I stand before You at Judgment Time and looking into Your Face, please God, I stand in Grace. And in Your Judgment, I know that Justice will certainly take place.’

Oh, My children, tonight you have been handed Hope. Tonight you have been handed Truth. Tonight you have been handed the Way to go, God’s Place. So be it.”