God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 9, 1974 at 5:15 pm


“The secret of loving Me is in service to Me.  The secret of service to Me is giving Me the time that I have given you, to reach Me in The Divine.  The secret of hope is Faith and the secret of Faith is to develop within yourself love for Me, how I would act, how I would be, what I would do, because you see, I am The Father of The Holy Trinity.

So many children in the world think they know Me.  So many children in the world pray to Me, and so many children in the world want to love Me.  I, The Father, come in this home of yours and say, ‘I love you, for through you I will have Souls Here one day.’

So, allow your Faith to grow according to My Will.  Allow your Faith to show, as you have done for Me, and be prepared to seek purity, for it is through purity of way that the Gates of Heaven are open to children who come This Way.  The Gates are not as gates you know to be.  It is but the Hand of Mine that says, ‘Welcome, child, to the Heavenly Realm Where I expected thee.’

And, as you stand before Me one day, be prepared in such a way to say: ‘I sought You, God, upon the earth.  I failed so many times, but in my love and in my Faith, I hoped that I would reach You Here.’ And be prepared, when you do this and when you stand this way, to accept My Judgment, for you will know it will be Just in every way.

I want My children — all races, all colors, all creeds — to stand before Me openly, full of Purity, for I cannot allow Here in the Heavens, in any way, things impure.  So, reach for Purity and give Me time, and in the time you give, I will give you Grace from The Divine, for Grace will be the Reward and Sainthood the Goal, for you see, I created each of you because of My Love for each of thee.

Be blessed by the moments through This Great Miracle.  Be blessed by time, for I give it to you from The Divine, and be blessed by the things natural to you, for through them you can become Pure.

I love you, you are Mine.  I reach My Hands out to you through many ways, and through The Holy Eucharist, for you see, It is truly of The Divine.  And when I take My Heart and send It forth to you, it is because of My Great Love, and remember, the Rays of It come forth, the Love is true, and the Light will never blind you but will give you the strength to better understand, to have hope and to have more Faith.

I bless you with My Own Way, I bless you with My Own Heart, and I bless you with The Light, for you see, We are One in Three Parts.  So be it.”