Saint Peter

c. 1 AD - c. 64 AD

Saint Peter

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 17, 1986


“I am a Saint in one of the most Beautiful Castles of Heaven, sharing this Beautiful Place with so Many Others Who walked the physical role. I look around Me and I see the Souls of men and women who walked just as you walk, a personal role. Some were married, some were not. Some had children, some did not. Some were highly intelligent, some were average in their thoughts and ways. Others walked a path where they could not be called brilliant in any way, but their Faith in God, their love for Him, their desire to become a Saint, was innate in each of them.

You have heard My Name. Some of you, of course, do not pray My Way, but that is all right, because every time you hold your Beads and you say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace,’ All of Us Here in Heaven say, ‘Oh God, the Soul will come This Way.’

I am a Saint you know about, a Saint Who walked the physical role. I am Peter. My Name has been spread throughout the world and some men have asked the question, how could I, being so close to Him, have denied Him thrice? And I say to them: ‘How many times a day do you confirm your belief in all you know He did say, and how many times a day do you feel weakness throughout your body? At this time do you pray, or do you fall into the path of satan’s way?’

My sons, I speak to those in this room tonight and I speak to those who will one day read the Words. Be aware of everything you do and everything you say. Be aware of weakness that can claw at you, make you have chills in the human way. Be aware that you do not give in to such a weakness. Become strong through prayer. Prayer comes in many ways. Prayer is in your thoughts. Prayer is in your intentions. Prayer is in your willingness to do acts of charity, acts of kindness, acts of caring, acts of loving.

Do not be selfish in any way. Do not be envious of others, for you see only a portion of their life, you do not see it all the way. You cannot compare your Soul with another man’s Soul because you cannot see your Soul, but God does every day. Look out for the Soul that you know is yours and be aware of the Souls you come in contact with, Souls you touch in every way. Remember on the morrow that as you start another day, your Soul is also starting another day. Do not allow a demon to scar your Soul in any way.

Be prepared to protect, to stand up and defend the truth, the honor, the dignity and the Purpose of your life, because satan lurks in many ways, in darkness and in light. Just because there is no shadow, just because there is a darkness all around, just because there is a different type of Light surrounding you, does not mean he’s not there to encourage you to risk your Soul for a moment’s pleasure, a moment’s weakness. Tell him you are reaching for a Crown.

Use your weaknesses as a crown of thorns, and as you wear that crown each day, say to God, ‘When I meet You Face to face, I will trade this crown for a Beautiful One that You make for me one day.’ So be it.”