God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 14, 1981


“Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, I have given you the Direction, I have given you the Time, I have given you the Way, and I have given you the Lines to know what you must do to return the Soul that I gave you.

You must understand that the Light of your Soul I see all the time, and sometimes your Soul says, ‘Father, help Me, for I do not want to be lost to You for all time.’

The pleading of the Soul God hears, and then the Soul turns to you and says: ‘Be good, you have a will. Understand that your offenses affect Me, and in your understanding, make Me ill.’

No human being wants to be ill. Well, always remember, My children, that the Soul I have given you does not want a blemish, a gray spot, a scar, a dimness, because of you. Your Soul is loyal to you in many, many ways, and yet your Soul yearns to be with Me for All Days.

Remember These Words tonight and remember Them in a little Light, and when you do, be assured that your Soul, in knowing that you are remembering These Words, will turn to Me and say, ‘Heavenly Father, Heavenly One, oh, King of All Creation, bless the child and help the child return Me to You for All Eternity.’

Men must begin to realize the Light of Heaven shines through This Great Miracle and the Light is meant for men to understand the Purpose of life, the Beauty of the Soul, the Dignity of the will, and of course, each man’s intended Goal, Sainthood for each Soul.

Today I am losing so many children, and so many Souls are being lost because of so many offenses, so many children forgetting the beauty of how they must hold their Soul in attention to all that is pure.

Remember solemnity, remember piety, remember Grace and remember purity, and never forget, that as you walk in the world and you are distracted by so many things, as you work in wanting to appear to all mankind as best you can, do not forget that the Soul within you faces Me.

You are Blessed, My children, for your Faith, in your Faith, and remember, that as you live in the world as man, I wait for your Soul to return to Me so I may use your Soul in the tasks I intend. So be it.”