ON MAY 28, 1999 AT 1:18 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  So many times I hear a request for aid, for help, from an individual who prays to Me at no other time.  I am happy to hear the request.  I am happy to be able to help when I can, because in human life it is natural to request help from Someone you have learned has the ability to help you at given times.

Today as I deliver My Words through one small voice, I hope you will feel that what I am about to say will be of great help to you.  Needless to say, when one walks in the human way, there are many needs, and in many ways there are all different types of help needed.

Today I would like to concentrate on the Importance of your Soul.  I would like to ask you questions about It:  First of all, does a day go by that you do not think about your Soul in any way, for any thing?  Also, when you think about your Soul, do you connect It to being a Portion of The Creator, that through your Soul you have a Personal Communication that no other living matter or thing has?

Throughout the world men, women and children are seeking to gain much information in many fields available to them.  Many of them want to excel so they can use the subject matter to some advantage to their physical and mental practices.

Today as I speak openly, and I am assured My Words are being put into script for others to read, I sincerely hope that millions of individual human beings will read These Words, and apply These Words to the benefits the Words are being given for, one especially being more understanding of the Presence in one’s body of the Gift of Divine Love, ‘the Soul’.

We oftentimes hear men, women and children refer to someone as their ‘soul mate’, meaning a closeness, a feeling of dependence on that ‘soul mate’, sometimes overlooking that the one they are referring to is a human being and not capable of full understanding, or having the time to give to be protective, to be constantly available, but My Words today are to assure each one who writes My Words, and to everyone who will read These Words, that at the conception of a human life, a Portion of The Creator attaches Itself to that conception, and remains with that conception until the human part no longer exists, and then this Soul is returned to The Father, representing the one in whom It was placed at the moment of conception.  Also, this Soul is and was the recipient of every thing, every word, every act, every deed, every thought that the individual participated in.

The Beauty of the Creation of human life should be recognized in the Greatness of Divine Love that is placed within it at the moment of conception.  This Fact is most times overlooked or ignored.

The Father has given to the world a Miracle of His Divine Love, using His Holy Spirit to be in charge of All that is delivered through one voice, from All of Us Here in the Heavens.  It is impossible for an individual to fully understand the Greatness in the Degree of Divine Love, because mankind only experiences a small fraction of love from other human beings, but when an individual understands that they are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator, it is the Greatest Gift of Support, of Love, that any living matter or thing could ever have.

As I leave you, I, in My Way, pray that anyone, that everyone who reads My Words, will think into the real in-depth meaning, and use It as a strength in every decision, for every purpose in the human way.  So be it.”

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