ON AUGUST 21, 2000 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  There are Many present Here with Me on this day.  There are so many things, subjects, that must be more fully understood because they pertain totally to the Souls of millions of human beings.

It is sad for Me to say that to hear that one has a Soul is most times ignored.  The word ‘Soul’ is passed over as if It does not exist, and yet We hear men, women and children, in speaking about a subject they are interested in, they will say: ‘The sole object of this subject is…,’ or ‘The sole purpose…,’ or ‘The sole concern…,’ or ‘The sole idea…’.  The word is used frequently, but of course, the difference is it is spelled differently; also, to differentiate between the Soul that is a Gift of The Father’s Love, and the other sole, meaning one alone.  If you think about it, the meaning does connect a little bit, and yet means an entirely different thing.

The language of human life has used and is using many terms that can be thought about in a Spiritual nature, but are oftentimes used in a very humanistic evaluation, connotation, or in a way that points out a specific idea, specific purpose, specific goal.

The Father has allowed This Gift of so much Love being given to the human minds at this time, so that all ages can begin to more fully understand that human life is in a Special Plan.  In this Plan, it is obvious there has to be a Greater Purpose to this creation of man.  Of course, the Purpose is to one day return to The Father through the Soul that is given at the moment of conception.

It is sad to say that many individuals cannot fathom a Soul.  Everything is humanistic in its concept, reasonability, and in its presence.

So Many Saints stand with this little one through whom We All speak.  They cannot be seen, but it is obvious They are there because of the Words that flow through that mean so much to all of mankind, giving to human life a fuller understanding of the Importance of human life, and what it consists of, not just the flesh, not just the human nature, or the human language.  If this was all that mankind had, life would have no real purpose, except to exist in the time allowed for life to continue, and then there would be nothing to look forward to.

As I leave you, I sincerely hope that All the Words that have been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love never be stopped but continue on, because there is so much Logic in Everything, so much Truth, so much Value, so much Love, not ordinary in Content, because it is obvious that All that has been delivered comes from a Supreme Source, Superior Power, a Supreme Being.  Remember this.  So be it.”

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