ON OCTOBER 17, 2001 AT 12:42 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  Being a Saint is a Privilege beyond what the human mind can perceive a Privilege of This Degree.

The world has been Blessed in a way Greater than mankind will understand it to be.  The Father chose This Time for so Many of Us Here in the Heavens to speak, letting those who live more fully understand there is a Goal to human life, Greater than any human plan.

Today as I speak, I speak with much Love for human life, also much concern.  As We Saints see throughout the world so little understanding of what human life was created for, We always look to The Father, The Creator, and say: ‘Is there any way We can help human beings of all ages understand that there is a Greater Place for human life to one day be a Part of, and to be with You in every way?’

The little one The Father chose is innocent in All that is delivered.  Our Words are very often unlike anything a human being would think, especially in the Greatness of What They say.  The Power that passes through from The Divine causes the mind of the little one to capture the Words in a manner, degree, way, not discernible by the human mind in any way.

Children are not being instructed on the Importance of human life.  Everything is so humanistic that children do not see or understand, or conceive that they have a Portion within them that is Greater than human life.  It is called ‘the Soul’.  The Soul, as a Portion of The Creator of All Things, The Heavenly King, is definitely a Gift beyond what the human mind could possibly imagine in any degree.

At the Crucifixion, some individuals cried in much sorrow at seeing what they saw:  a Man, Pure in Mind, Spirit, Love, Hope.  Those who crucified This Gift of Divine Love were truly unconscious mentally, morally, spiritually, of the reality that they were taking part in.  The humanism in their minds made a decision, but there were many present who questioned the true necessity or validity of such a crime.

Needless to say, thousands of Words have been put into script, awakening the present time of human life to be aware of the Importance of human life, and that it was created by an Ultimate Divine Being, Greater than the human mind can, in any way, realize Its Full Structure, Value, Meaning.

In This Gift that bears the Beloved Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, so much has been given through All Who wanted to speak, helping those who are alive and who will live at another time, the Importance that they bear, as a human being:  a Portion of The Creator.

Never allow the inability to take over in understanding such an Existence, because by doing this, you weaken the chance of your Soul returning to The Creator of All Things, because doubt sometimes causes more attention to what is wrong, what is evil, what is weak, what is indifferent.

Be mindful of these things, and through All the Words that have been put into script, They are meant to give courage, strength, reality, hope, and a desire to please The Creator, The Divine Holy King.  So be it.”

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