ON MARCH 15, 2002 AT 12:38 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.

Human life does not like to be the victim of anyone’s anger or sense of humor.

It is important that This Miracle of The Father’s Love be passed throughout the world in every way possible for it to occur.

When, through This Gift, it is said, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah,’ many who read this Statement reject It, and they feel that the time they live is only a time of progress with great learning abilities.

Children throughout the world are not being instructed on what is morally correct.  It is sad for Me to say that most times the word ‘moral’ is only said or concerned with the human feeling towards morality and immorality, totally ignoring what it does to the Soul, because men, women and children cannot fathom that they have a Portion within them that is also a Portion of The Creator of All Things.

We hear some say: ‘If this is so, then why do I have so many problems?  Why am I not perfect?  Why do I not understand all the important things that take place?  And when I read, would not my Soul help me better understand subject matter that I have never learned about, never thought about, never been subjected to?’

You live in a time wherein human life resists so many important facts, because it is easier to remember how one associates with one’s surroundings, one’s associations, one’s mental abilities.

The Father does not say, ‘To walk in a pure way you should have been born in a different way, with different parents.’ The Father does say: ‘You have been given a will, you have been given understanding of what is right over what is wrong, what is good over what is evil, what is just over what is unjust.  Ignoring this knowledge does not make it go away.’

Needless to say, All of The Saints Here in the Heavens want so much for This Gift of The Father’s Love for human life, to reach millions of men, women and children, awakening their mentalities to more fully understand that they were created for a Reason, a Goal Greater than any goal they can humanly understand.

As I leave you at this time, I beseech you to deliver All that has been thus far given through This Gift of Divine Love to the whole world of human life, no matter what language they speak.  Remember one thing:  As you head a piece of paper with the Name of a Saint, it will attract attention to something that is good, and has something important to say.

As I leave you, I bless you with The Father’s Love, and with The Heavenly Mother’s Desire that all you partake in through This Gift of Divine Love, one day you will see accountable to your name, your service to The Divine that you practiced, participated in, in a loving way.”

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