ON OCTOBER 19, 1998 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.

Mankind walks in much confusion regarding the importance of sound moral values, sound moral standards.

Today as I speak, I see thousands of individuals who act respectful to those they meet, but these same individuals do not believe in a Higher Being.  To them it is a waste of time, energy, and there is no reality to believing in what they cannot see, or feel the Presence of.

I ask all who read this: ‘Are you fully aware of every portion of your being as you live each day with all that is within you?  Is it not an illness in different parts, portions of the body, that makes you aware of that particular place?  Are you aware of every bone in your body, every bone as you use your hands?  Also, are you aware of every muscle that allows movement, controls different portions of the body?’

To each individual, sensitivities of the body are in different ways at different times.  Sometimes it is important for individuals to more fully understand that human life, in its sensitivities, in how it understands different portions of the body, it is also important to logically understand that human life has within it a Gift of Divine Love, never felt in the physical form, but It is given at the moment of conception until the end of the living way of the body.  When This Portion leaves the body, It returns to from Where It came, because This Portion, unseen, is a Gift Precious to mankind, and as a Portion of The Supreme Being, is returned in the condition the individual allowed It to be.

Mankind is rarely, if ever, instructed on the Soul, because all degrees of intelligence of human life find it difficult to understand a Living Portion of The Creator within them.  In many ways they do become aware in some form, but ignore It because It is present at all times, and is ‘the victim’ many times of the decisions of the individual in whom They are placed at the moment of his or her conception.

We hear individuals respond to one another as ‘soul mates’, this meaning that refers to them as ‘close’, as ‘one in thinking’ on many issues.  This is important for mankind to understand, because no one has seen their Soul, or the Soul of another individual, but this verse in speech has become prevalent throughout the world.

Mankind must understand that the closeness an individual has to someone else, they are closer to The Creator of All Things than they can possibly be to another human being, because within each human life there is a Gift of Divine Love, placed at the moment of conception.  It is a Protective Gift of Divine Love, but also, will remain when the individual no longer lives in the human way.  It is the Representative of that human individual that God, The Creator of All Things, calls back to His Kingdom to return to from Where It came.  It is a Gift of Divine Love that mankind innately feels, but cannot describe, cannot see.

Historically, human life has been Blessed above all other living things.  It is sad to hear individuals not be able to comprehend, or refuse to comprehend the True Existence, the Logical Existence of a Supreme Power; also, the Deep, Sincere, Loving Gift that This Supreme Power uses in a Close Association to human life, for a Reason, for a Future Life to be returned to Him.

We hear men, and some women, try to preach in a humanistic formula, in the degree of their intellect, in the degree of their Spiritual understanding, but there is always a void, because those to whom they speak recognize that the subject matter is beyond full human understanding.

Today as I speak, it is to give to mankind Hope, and a deeper desire to practice openly, obedience to The Commandments of God, because of the Soul they bear as a Gift from Him, to be returned to Him at a given time.

Granted, there are thousands of individuals preaching, supposedly teaching, on the facts of Spiritual understanding, abilities and growth, but not all are exactly in sound facts, because the individuals are more apt to want the attention, rather than to feel the necessity for what they preach, supposedly teach, to be according to The Father’s Will:  knowledgeably, truthfully, and spiritually correct.

This Gift of Divine Love through which so much is instructed, is a Gift of Divine Grace for all human life, no matter what age or what part of the world they are born.  So be it.”

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