ON AUGUST 24, 1999 AT 1:46 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  I smile as I speak My Name because the little one through whom I speak always listens intently to the sound of the Name of the One Who is speaking.  Her reaction is always different and yet the same.

We hear men, women and children discuss their anxieties, their concerns, their problems, their wishes, their dreams and their goals.  Rarely do they speak about their moral code of ethics, how they handle their relationships with those close to them or with those who they call ‘friends’.

There are so many distractions to the human eye, human way, that every man, woman and child should offer each day requesting The Father to give them the strength to think first, before any decision is made, about what the subject matter contains, and if it will give strength, hope, good example, or will it be destructive to their Soul in any way.

All of Us Saints know that for every man, woman and child to think this way so consistently, would be out of line with how human life uses every moment of every day, every act, every intention, every relationship, every goal, and most certainly, every move in how they live, how they speak spontaneously to those with whom they are, or who they meet.

We see happiness when there is gain financially or in some form of a human endeavor to be successful.  I beseech you, look for what is good, what is beneficial for the Glory of your Soul, because this Soul that was given to you at the moment of your conception, is destined to live Forever because of Who It is a Portion of — The Creator.

Purity of the mind is not impossible; purity in actions, not impossible; purity in responsibilities, not impossible; purity in how one acts in one day, not impossible, because within each human life there is a Soul that constantly encourages, instructs, reminds the individual in whom It is, to look for good, see the moral, and concentrate on what is beneficial to Something within the being that they cannot feel, they cannot touch, they cannot see.  It is an Innate Living Matter that never leaves the human body until the body no longer has a breath to take.

So Many of Us Saints desire to speak through This Precious Gift of Divine Love, because What is spoken, at most times, is put into script for others to read and to see a Beautiful Gift that should be cared for, because It is a Portion of The Creator that they are the custodian of in the human way of life.

When you say ‘Good morning,’ you accept another day, and when you say ‘Good night,’ you close out what has been done, what you accomplished, what you practiced, and you look forward to a new beginning, another time.  The Father, through This Gift of The Beloved Saint Joseph, with All the Revelations that have been clearly spoken, clearly written, are to encourage mankind for all time to come, to better understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man, and that in These Revelations, there is a Promise that every act, thought, word, deed, has a responsibility in it, and is accountable at a given time.

As I speak, I request, I beseech that All the Words that have been given through This Gift of Divine Love be passed throughout the world for others to better understand, to more fully comprehend what a Precious Gift human life is to man, and that it has a Goal Greater than what the human life was ever able to give, and that is to return to The Father the Soul, a Portion of Him.  So be it.”

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