ON JANUARY 20, 2000 AT 1:35 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  If I were to say all the things that I desire mankind to know about, I would be speaking endlessly for months, for years, in a constant way, stopping for nothing, because there is so much that mankind should cling to regarding moral values, moral truths, moral love, moral decency, moral integrity, because human life is a life with many Gifts:  the Gift of understanding, of knowledge, the Gift to be able to know truth from untruth, love from hate, sound spirituality from the wrong kind of love that deals only with the enemy of God and man.

So many times individuals desire to hear what is valuable to hear, what is necessary, and to hear what is helpful to how they think, how they speak, how they should be with others.  So little emphasis by the so-called ‘followers of Christ’ at this time, ignore the needs that are obvious, and ignore how valuable it is to bring to light important Messages that in many ways helps the Souls, because of the behavior of the one in whom the Soul is placed at the moment of his or her conception.

Many times We hear individuals of all degrees of intellect, all degrees of Spiritual understanding, plead for aid on decisions on what they must prepare themselves to do; also, they pray for success, not failure; they pray for hope to eliminate despair.  Prayer is an important part of human life, because it is communication that appears only one way, but My Words Here are to tell all of mankind:  Though you do not hear a response to your prayers, your prayers are heard in the degree they are spoken or thought.

Many times your prayers are answered, but in a manner and a way that your situation can handle.  Also, because of human closeness, it is oftentimes felt that prayers are not being answered, because in the human way, human beings see only a specific way for their prayers to be answered.  I assure you all prayers are answered in a manner, a degree, at a time when it is best for all situations, because the human manner of prayer cries out for self-satisfaction, for help in a particular way, but no prayer is unheard, and many times prayers, in being answered, are later to be found out, or realized that what was best could be called ‘the results of what an individual needed’.

It is sad to hear someone say, ‘I didn’t get what I prayed for.’ The Father never dismisses a request, but circumstances, situations, conditions, are all considered in every request a human being makes.  So please know that The Father’s Will is ever present when you need help, when you need care, when you need hope, because Divine Love is always there.  So be it.”

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