ON APRIL 27, 2000 AT 1:06 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  My time with you today is to encourage you to encourage others to have present in their homes a Crucifix in a prominent place.  Some will say, ‘Why would a subject like this come up at this time, when so many of us do have one some place in the home, perhaps not in a place where it can be seen by everyone?’

Christianity has in many ways been diminished, due to the fact that humanism is so attractive, so beneficial, and has become so important, in not only a social atmosphere, but in one’s home life, one’s personal manner of living.

It is not only the young who are not practicing more emphasis on prayer at some time during the day, but many who have been instructed indepthly are ignoring how important prayer is in one’s day.

Very few people of all ages would not speak to anyone in their home, at work, or socially when they meet.  It is a natural action between human beings.  It is also a natural action for one to remember that they are alive because of the Creation of human life through which a Higher Being was The Designer, and also placed within each human being a Portion of Himself, called ‘the Soul’.  Without this Portion of Divine Love, human life would be like all other living matter or things.

It is time to alert those with whom you associate that you are conscious of the Presence of a Creator.  Some will say, ‘How can I do this without looking ethereal?’ The word ‘ethereal’ is out of place here, because to perhaps bless oneself before partaking in food, or making some small expression on different occasions, like saying, ‘Thank You, God, for helping me; I needed the help,’ so many short words can help others to know that you respect The One Who gave you life, and you believe in His Presence and that you are never alone.

You cannot feel that things like this cause you to be ethereal.  That word is overused; but it is important that you express what you believe in, and are not ashamed to do so.  I did not say, ‘Be demonstrative,’ but you can fulfill your obligation by just a few words, one small action, allowing others to know how you feel, how you stand, what you believe in.

Rarely do Any of Us speak this way so openly, but the time has come because too much humanism is being expressed, thus letting everyone feel that being a human being is the ultimate form of being, and that it is the answer to all you are, all you have, all you understand, all you desire others to know about you.

To hear someone say, when someone sneezes or coughs, ‘God bless you,’ has more meaning in it than you will ever know.  An open expression of concern says many things, and the very fact that you add that one word ‘God’ to your remark, assures the other person, or others there, of your strength in The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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