ON JULY 30, 2001 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  All of Us Saints await The Father’s Will, to participate in This Gift of His Divine Love.

Human beings talk about a Blessing, because within them a Blessing gives strength, hope, sometimes even a cure of some sort.

Through This Gift of Divine Love that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, All of Us Saints Here in the Heavens have been given the privilege to speak.  It is difficult for many human beings to understand what a privilege it is for the Souls of so Many to be active in helping others to prepare to be Participants in Heaven as Saints.

All of Our Words could be spoken indepthly, but there are so many individuals who fear believing in This Gift of The Father’s Love, because All that has been revealed awakens the minds of all ages that human life has a Goal, and It is the Greatest Goal, because It becomes totally a Portion of Divine Love in all areas, all actions, all ways, all participations.

It is sad for Me to say the next Words, but it is important for truth to be spoken.  The enemy of The Creator and all of humankind is prevalent, and constantly motivated to destroy Souls.  To some people, they cannot understand what a Soul is.  The Soul of every living human being is a Portion of The Creator.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love, deep concern, because there is a great need for This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle that bears the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Creator, humanly called ‘Saint Joseph’, to travel throughout the world, because throughout the world the greatest enemy human life can have, is using all kinds of temptations to destroy Souls.

Needless to say, I could speak hours on this subject, but All I have spoken at this time should be seen, understood and believed, because human life innately has the ability to see what is pure over impure, right over wrong, just over unjust.

As I leave you, I bless your participation in writing what is important on a subject that is difficult for many learned men and women to speak about, but This Gift of Divine Love must travel throughout the world.

I speak differently on this day, because I am trying so to keep My Words concise, hoping that in the conciseness more men, women and children will read Them, absorb Them, value Them, and find within Them the strength to practice love for The Divine, love for the Soul that they were given at the moment of conception, and also respect and love for every other human being’s Soul.

There are so many ways to close My Words, but it is difficult to stop speaking on a subject of such great meaning to the lives, the Souls, and the future of millions of human beings.  So be it.”

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