ON SEPTEMBER 12, 1969 AT 1:30 PM


“My beloved daughters, I will announce Myself to you so you will know Whom I am.  I, My children, am Saint Joseph, a Beloved Saint of God, and One Who is completely obedient to His Way, to His Will, to His Love.

I could be made known to the world an easier way, one which would be immediately accepted by man, in which skies would open, the clouds would shine, and the earth would tremble.  I could appear in the skies in all beauty, all glory, and yes, in full color, for man to be held in awe with.  IT IS NOT GOD’S WILL.  Instead, He has proclaimed My Way through a child chosen by Him, inadequate on her own, to display or portray the Magnitude of My Sainthood.

Many will say, ‘Why her?’ Many will say, ‘It cannot be.’ Many will say, ‘I don’t believe it.’ Many will say, ‘It could be true.’ Many will say, ‘It’s got to be true, I need it.’ Many will say, ‘Teach me, God, as You have taught her.’ Many will say, ‘It is a Blessing for It to have come this way.’

Oh, My children, treat Me fatherly, treat Me obediently, and treat Me with love.  Treat Me in a way that will help you understand more the Kingdom of God.  Treat Me as a friend whom you can turn to in times of fear, doubt, concern, worry, upset, and yes, My daughters, when the cross becomes heavy.

God is using you as He used Me, to further His Purpose, to further His Way and to bring all men to Him.  It is difficult for man to realize how many Souls lose their way, how many Souls scream for Him and are too lazy to find a way to Him.  My daughters, much trust is placed on you in this way.

The children of God must come to Him soon and no later than now.  The time for man to remain frivolous is coming to a close.  For true men of God it has lasted too long already.  It is time for man to stop playing a game with their God.  It is time now to seek truth, to stomp out the devil; he hates God, he is jealous of God.

Let it be known that only God must reign among men.  Let it be known that This Miracle is not for the child, but to save mankind from himself and from satan, who dwells in love of self.  There is no other answer, but to go to God.  There is no other way but God’s.  There is no truth but God’s.  So be it.”

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