ON MARCH 11, 1972


“The advantages of This Miracle are far too many to mention this time while I am here with you.  Many men are frightened of This Great Miracle.  They fear the Truth It is.  They fear the Beauty It is.  They fear the Magnitude of It, for you see, nowhere in time has such a thing occurred, except, of course, when The Son of The Divine walked the earth.  That is why so many men will fight this child, saying she is untrue, saying she walks in fakery.  You know that no human could walk as she walks without God sustaining her.

The profit of This Miracle is for man to save his Soul; the Goal of The Miracle, for man to become a Saint.  You see, My children, God has designed This Whole Miracle in facet way.  Many times one facet will tell a child to pray, and then It will teach the child how to pray.  Another facet says, ‘Somewhere you must walk straight to God in a firm way.’

I could go on and on for a long time.  I am reaching the child in a delicate way.  The tiredness she has is much, and the weariness far greater than man can say.

The difficulties, the problems that are gathering around this quest for this Hill of Hope says satan is working.  He does not want this Hill to be, and many learned men will fight this Hill. The child will have to stand alone, and as she does, We will depend upon you to take the Truth and show it where it is.

I, Saint Joseph, say to you, ‘I love you.  Keep in mind The Miracle of your day and, My children, be sure you pray.’  So be it.”

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