ON JULY 30, 1972 AT 3:00 PM


“It is with Love that I interrupt you now in your time of prayer, but it is more important that I come to you quickly, for there are Others Here Who desire to speak to you.

I stand in the Heavens and I come on this special day to tell you a particular thing.  When I walked the earth I was in much prayer with God, and at a particular time He said to me, ‘Please, son, have others follow in My Way.’ Man does not know all the facets of this time, but I come to you on this day to tell you of it, alert you to it, and show you how the Order had begun.

Many men who followed after that time and who are now following in this way, are fallen by the wayside.  There are some areas where these men are doing what God Wills, but there are other areas where these men are looking to the world.  They must return to the order and the way that this Great Plan was made.

Children, please, on this day I beseech you from the Heavens Where I am, to pray for the men who have followed God’s Way in the Name of this Order.  They need your prayers, they need your help, for you see, it is sadness to God to watch these children stray from The Holy Trinity.  There is so much laxness occurring throughout the world and there is so much deviation from the original Plan.  On this day, offer all things for the benefit of the Souls involved in this Great Order.  Please, My children, pray.”

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