ON AUGUST 16, 1972 AT 10:35 AM


“My children, I am Saint Benedict.  There is one amongst you who has had great devotion My way.  In fact, he followed in My footsteps in a special way, sometimes fearful, sometimes in doubt, sometimes in great charity, sometimes concerned over every Soul all about.  I ask you to pray for this person, this man, this child, that he will continue to love God above all things.

I speak now to you individually, but yet in a general way.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You cannot see the horror all around, but I ask you to be aware of it, to be conscious of it, and do not blind yourself to it, for in the horror there is great heresy.  Heresy is against God.

Many children are walking the earth, claiming great power, great strength, great gifts.  Not so.  They do not have the gifts they suppose they have.  They do not have discernment of what is right, what is truth.  Those who say, ‘I speak in a special way, God’s gift to me,’ not so.  Much of this, My children, is emotionalism.  Much of this is called ‘hypnosis’.  Much of it is imagination.  Much of it is pretending.  Much of it is lack of trust in God’s Way.  Much of it is pride.  Much of it is ego.  Much of it says: ‘God, I have power.  I do not need You.’

So I say on this day: ‘Trust solely in God, not man’s way.  And do not, in your little way, make rules that you should live by and that others should follow, for the Greatest Rules for all mankind were given down by The Father Who is Divine; ten in number, not too many for you to remember.  And each one covers many things, as each Rule and Command He gave was to give Hope to the world, a pattern to live by, a path to follow, a way to become a Saint.’

I bless you with God’s Love.  I bless you with the Commands of God.  I bless you with the Heritage of Truth.  I bless you with the hand that God gave Me to use.  So be it.”

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