ON OCTOBER 11, 1972 AT 11:09 AM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  I will speak slowly through this child, for I want each child here to hear Every Word I say.  I want each child to leave with the Mark of Love.  I want each child to open your heart to God Above.

I take you back many years.  At the time when I walked the earth, there were men around who said to me, ‘Francis, you are a clown.’ I would look at them and I would say, ‘Thank you for keeping me humble today.’ This remark from me was disgusting to them, for they could not understand a man thanking another one for an insult in such a way.  I would turn and walk away, sometimes sick at heart because I was not understood.  All I wanted to show was love for God from the start.  I wanted other men to see how little the physical really meant to me, but also, to be example of sacrifice and penance, of complete service to God.  Man is not capable because man has not learned humility.  Man is intrigued with fame, fortune, honor.  Man says, ‘I need these things.’ God says, ‘You need only Me.’

And one time, at the foot of the Cross, when I was bleeding profusely, the pain was more than I could take.  I shouted to Him and I said: ‘Will this pain keep me humble, God?  I never want it to make me prideful, that You chose me to share the agony, the sorrow, the pain that Your Son had one day.’ And suddenly the pain diminished somewhat and I heard Him say: ‘I love you, Francis, and for many a day, children will hear your name and some will want to follow the path you took, but I will always let them know that you stood in humility, not show, and that you loved Me in a very special way.’

I, Saint Francis, did not gain Heaven on my own, for everything that happened to me, I shouted for The Father’s Hand and I said, ‘Give me Your Hand, alone.’ And so it is again, in the time in which you live, men should be shouting to hold the Hand that gave life to the physical way for him.  Children forget, and they cling to the worldly way, where there is no stability, little truth, and yes, less humility.

So, as I speak through this child, I hold her strong, for as I do, I pass along God’s Love to each of you.  And I want each one present here now, as you leave this Great Hill Blessed by God, would you be humble enough to say to others, ‘I hold God’s Hand before all others’?  Humility is strength, a strength you cannot know.  I ask each child here now, to strip yourself of pride and ego; cling only to humility for it has a dignity, one alone.  Humility has integrity.

The Son of The Father walked in humility, teaching everyone the strength in it, the beauty of it.  It did not take weakness to let the men beat Him, for He had far more Power at His beck and call.  And when He cried out, ‘Oh, Father, let this chalice pass,’ The Father knew The Son would last until He gave the word for Him to go.

I say to you from the Heavens, ‘Man fears cancer, and yet the pride in the world is the greatest cancer man can know.’ I would say, ‘Find a cure for this first, and you will rid the world of turmoil.’  So be it.”

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