ON JULY 24, 1992 AT 2:45 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  So many children of all ages, when they pray My way, pray for particular things that I am associated with, things they heard I will answer quickly on.

If mankind could see Heaven as We Here know It to be, mankind would say, ‘God, take me to Your Place; I cannot wait to see the Beauty that surrounds All of Those Who You have taken to be with You.’

Heaven is not a beauty as you know beauty to be.  It is beyond what mankind has ever seen.  Heaven is a State of Grace, a State of Purity, a State wherein the Soul, in being with The Father, feels nothing but Happiness, Joy, Love.

All Here, knowing what earth is like, knowing what mankind is subjected to, understanding the decisions mankind has to make, We watch constantly and try, in Our Way, to help mankind see the value of morality.  Much passes from Us to mankind, but because We cannot be seen even when We are present, mankind’s will sees only what is present, and has the decision to make as an individual.

Many times many impure decisions and immoral acts is what a man, woman or child chooses.  We immediately say, ‘Make restitution so it does not leave a scar, for do not forget, The Father wants the Soul back.’

So many say they mean to pray but they were so busy they didn’t have time.  Every act during the day can be offered as a prayer, and in doing this, it will make you aware, that if this is an act of love to God in the form of a prayer, you will choose the purity because you know that any impure act or actions would not come Here.

There are so many Lessons to be taught to the whole world.  There are so many in the world who are being subjected to atrocities to their mind, their body, their will, and of course, their Soul.

There is so much confusion because of the demonic implantation in all areas of man’s daily living.  Sometimes in workplaces, there are so many temptations.  Sometimes in the homes, there are so many sinful practices.  Sometimes in the social life, where there is great anticipation to find relaxation, it turns out to be nothing but immoral desecration.

I know that some who will read the Words being bound together for their attention, will not see the Full Value intended, but it is Our Hope Here that if they do not understand the full meaning first, they will return to the Words for the benefit of their Soul, and they will see the full meaning that was meant.

So many Souls stand on a precipice of life or disaster.  So many Souls cry out for help.  The Soul is dependent upon the individual’s will in so many areas of life.  Mankind must understand the responsibility that he or she holds for the Salvation of his or her Soul.  So be it.”

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