ON JULY 24, 1992 AT 4:30 PM


“Man has a habit of accumulating possessions of all different kinds.  Some choose financial security to the point where it is beyond what is necessary, but in so many ways it becomes such a habitual habit that they lose sight of the meaning of other things in life.

If you were to say to these same people, ‘How much Grace have you stored up in the last year?’ they would look at you, sometimes some of them would laugh and say, ‘What would I do with Grace?’ Some would say, ‘What’s Grace?’ Some might say, ‘I’ll wait to worry about that at a later date; right now I am more worried about financial security.’

Then there are those who like to gather things that belong to other people.  They surround themselves with memorabilia, they surround themselves with things that other people felt they had to have.  If you were to ask these people why this was such an attractive hobby, habit, in most answers you would receive, their response would be considered trite because of the illogical association.  Many times it is greed, many times it is just a feeling of possessiveness, possessions, that they feel give their life and them attention.

Those who read These Words, I ask these questions: ‘How much Grace have you stored up for the Salvation of your Soul?  How much attention have you paid to God’s Commandments?  How many acts of charity did you perform, not asking for any return or thanks?  How many times have you defended right from wrong openly?  How many times have you chosen morality instead of immorality?

‘How much of yourself, your way of life, have you given where it is needed?  How much attention did you pay where someone needed to talk to you?  Was your interest sincere and did you respond to a need?  How much would you measure on a scale, your love for God, compared to the scale that measured your self-love?

‘How many times have you consoled those who needed consolation?  How many times have you given the time to listen when another human being needed someone to talk to?  How many times have you rejected love from a loved one, and yet turned to another one you hardly knew?’

I am Saint Benedict.  I have spoken before.  There are Two of Us Here now.  Some of what We have said is what I have filled in.  Sometimes when you take the Words, Several of Us are present.  Sometimes when One begins to speak We join in the Lesson.  We do not always announce Our Presence for it could be confusing to some who will read the Words at a later date.

As you walk together upon the earth, all from different locations, areas, We, too, walk from different Portions of Heaven, to join in communications.  So be it.”

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