ON AUGUST 6, 1992 AT 4:47 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  There are so many areas within the clergy that must be introduced to This Great Miracle.  There are many good clergymen subjected to authority that is not sound in direction.  In trying to update, modernize Holy Mother Church, they are destroying its stability, its strength, and in many ways, causing so much distraction to the members of this Organization, that those who base their Faith on this particular form of religious belief are becoming weakened in spirituality, Spiritual regime.

It is sadness to see, because so many who had great strength in devotions, in observance of specific dutiful participation, find themselves puzzled, and indifferent to what used to be important to their Spiritual practices.  Many of Us, Here in the Heavens, watch closed meetings, listen to what is spoken, and feel that even if The Father allowed Us to intercept, to openly intercede, We would be ignored because of the lack of sound spirituality that exists amongst so many of these men who began their vocation with sincerity, love, and desiring to follow a Beautiful, Spiritual teaching practice to thousands of people.

It is time that the members of this Organization speak out, speak up, and question why the modernization was so necessary, why the great changes had to be made, emphasizing a laxness in honoring the Most Important Part of the basic structure of the foundation of Holy Mother Church.

Some men will say, in reading This, ‘If This Message is of Great Truth, why would It not be handed to one of us?’ I, Saint Benedict say, ‘Because The Father decreed It would be handed through this woman in the world.’ The responsibility is monumental, and He knew she would say the Words as We pass Them through her, to not just be spoken, but to be written.

Children of all ages are being misled.  Children of all ages are not seeing the value to The Commandments of God.  Children of all ages are being allowed to practice sacrilegious acts.  Children of all ages are being taught humanism, ignoring the basic foundation that The Son of God gave His Life for This Special Part in the Mass.  Oh, there will be many different opinions on this subject, and many will say that Heaven would not speak like that.  If changes do not come soon, many Souls will suffer because of the humanistic values that are taking the place of the importance of sound moral truths that are not available.

I, Saint Benedict, speak through this woman, and I hold her in place, for the Power that flows through her from Us is One beyond human understanding.  The Father, in His Love for all mankind, says to tell you that when Moses walked the earth, the tasks were so monumental that a great toll was taken on the physical; and then He adds: ‘Remember The Son of Mine, what He allowed to be was not happiness to Him, it was for the benefit of mankind.’ And now in the world, He uses a small instrument, and He is totally aware of the suffering that occurs when He commands her attention, visibly, physically, to Divine Will.  So be it.”

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