ON AUGUST 7, 1992 AT 12:30 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  There are so many issues and areas wherein mankind lives, works and is socially involved that are not conducive to the Salvation of Souls.  Many excuses are expressed regarding why it would be difficult to withdraw from areas that are not compatible to purity in any form.

Monetary value is many times an obsession with mankind.  What man refuses to accept is that there is no such payment for the Salvation of a Soul.  Mankind omits the morality that is necessary in the Final Judgment where his or her Soul will be involved, will be in Judgment.

Mankind places so much emphasis on wealth, where currency of the particular area in where he or she lives is what will purchase material things.  When The Father handed to the world The Rules to live by, several in number, there was no price tag applied to These Rules.  These Rules were handed with Great Love, and free to each one who would accept Them.  These Rules talked against sinfulness, lust, gluttony, envy, cheating, killing, omitting God from daily living, blaspheming The Father, and taking what was not rightly a belonging.

There were many other areas of These Rules.  They were elaborated in many definitions.  When I speak, the Importance of what I want mankind to understand is that to become a Saint has no monetary value attached to It.  To become a Saint is the Goal The Father has promised to the Soul of each human being that He placed within the conception.

So many men, women try to dismiss this fact.  They do not put any emphasis on it.  To them, it is not something they think about; they only place the importance on the conception as they knew it to be.

For thousands of years, mankind selfishly tries to ignore what he feels is difficult to understand, so he or she looks at only what is obvious, what is practical to them.  In reality, if the True Beauty of what occurred, I mean the fact that the Soul, a Portion of God, is within that conception, there would be much more unity in thinking and much more drive to protect the child from anything impure.

As I leave, I want you to know that when I speak it is important to Me, for as I stand Here in the Heavens I am fully aware of the Soul that is within you, that pleads for Us to help you understand how the Soul wants to return from Where It began.  So be it.”

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