ON OCTOBER 2, 1992 AT 4:55 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  I enjoy hearing every prayer that is directed to Me for My attention.  I enjoy the trust, I enjoy the Faith.  It brings happiness to All of Us Here when a child says a prayer regarding a need, a hope, whether it is for themselves or for another one who is requesting not just attention, but help in some form.

It is sad to see a lot fewer in the world calling on Us to give aid.  We are not past History.  We are available at all times.  There are no specific hours.  We hear every prayer, every request, every plea.  Mankind is so busy dealing with the humanistic ideas that are, in many ways, eliminating prayers to Us Saints.

Mankind is being deluged with men and women who are expressing in dramatic ways, the power to heal mankind, to control mankind, and to give mankind not just health, but many other things.  These people are eliminating God.  These people are substituting false beliefs for the real thing.

So many men, women, and even children, are depending upon people who are teaching wrong things.  Instinctively they should know that what is being taught is contrary to what is not just reliable, but sound, logical, and simple to understand.

I would like to speak on what is termed ‘a Sacramental’.  In so many ways a Sacramental alerts mankind to a certain portion of Bible History, Spiritual Closeness of Something or Someone that has gone before and is able to respond, in some form, to the prayers passed to Them from individuals who have the Faith to believe in such Spiritual Closeness and Proximity.

Men, and some women, are in many ways forgetting the Importance of Specific Sacraments that should be handled with more than dignity, more than respect, that should be handled with delicacy, honor, love and Faith.  There is much desecration in this area of belief.

Man says, ‘The world is in such a horrible state.’ I agree.  It has been in times before this, and it has been disastrous times in History.

It is a beauty Here when a child of any age expresses Faith in The Father humbly, depends upon The Father humbly, and in this close association, uses the Faith in a loving way, with no doubt, no question, only belief.

When mankind prays it should be done with dignity, but the humanism that exists in so many ways, causes carelessness in the very act of prayer, in the demonstration of an act associated with the prayer.

So many go to rest at night and never think of saying to The Father:

‘Bless me, God.  Give me the strength to awaken with more strength in You, more service to You, more love for You, and more example to all I come in contact with.’

I bless you as I am about to leave, and I ask you to remember to say a small prayer any time during the day.  It keeps a communication that in many ways nothing can compare to it that is available upon the earth physically, mentally, or monetarily.  So be it.”

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