ON OCTOBER 12, 1992 AT 4:00 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  In My time I was in a particular area, wherein those who were ready to serve in the vocation that would be dedicated to extend to thousands of people more love for God, and to teach a lot about Him that mankind would not have known, if it had not been for those who followed this pattern of life.

I speak openly through this small woman in the world, small in stature.  I wish My voice could be heard by all people, because I would want to shout what I am about to say.

Each human being is a ‘special creation’, not in the same category as vegetable, animal, or universe objects that are under much observation in your time.  If more of mankind would spend more in the direction of God, for the Purpose of each one’s Soul, the world would be a much, not just happier but more beautiful place for man to live in, live on, be a part of.

Many men and women, in years past, struggled in hardships for survival, hardships beyond what you, in your time, are aware of.  I remember those days.  I lived in that time, when everything we did was important, every statement we made was important.  We had tremendous hope.  Our vision was diversified, because we had to use everything available, everything that we could possibly find to use, to better our way of life and to extend the beauty of what man calls ‘immortality’.

The time in which you live is a humanistic time.  There is much selfishness, much self-love, greed, lust, possessiveness, and outlandish ideals and ridiculous goals.

As I stand Here speaking to you, some who will read My Words will try to picture what I would look like, and they will remember stories about the time I walked the earth.  I smile at this, for you see, no human being is truly an open book.  All things can never be recorded:  the secret moments with God, the secret prayers for help, the secret caring about others, the secret hopes, the dreams, and the secret in how we loved in different ways.

Love is a tremendous Gift of The Father’s.  Love expresses hope, caring, service.  Pure love is special in that in its purity, it is selfless.  Pure love many times is misunderstood.  When those of whom I was in charge would come to me with concerns, worries, my love for The Father’s Will to be done by them, many times was not understood by them, because I wanted them to understand that though they felt the hurt they had, some were ambitious, some wanted so to be able to share what they felt within them.

As I would speak to them, I could read their hearts, and if I listened to their words, I would beg The Father for direction because I did not want any one of them to be misdirected.  Sometimes I would feel the presence of their Soul, yearning, pleading, for the right direction.  Sometimes I would feel the sadness in them because of some problem they had, and I would, in my love for them, I would ask The Father to be generous with them.

Sometimes when they left me, they did not feel the consolation they hoped would be there, but I would kneel and I would make a request and in this request I would say: ‘Please, my Heavenly Father, let the loneliness pass, let them feel only Your Presence.  Help them to not feel the hurt.  Tell them to not be distracted by others’ remarks, by perhaps a little discord amongst them.  Help them to rise above this.  Help them to be so strong, so at the moment they come Face-to-face with You, their Soul will glow to such a degree, because they conquered hurt, hostility, misgivings, and yes, wondering if they had the vocation they chose, because it seemed like such a battle within them, even touching their Soul.’

There is great sadness throughout the world in which you live.  Men, women and children are running in all directions, grasping everything at hand to fill the moments of the day, to make the day more enjoyable, more complete.  They feel keeping busy is the correct way.  If you were to take a poll of how much time was spent by every individual during the day, on what condition was their Soul, you would find very little time, for there are so many distractions, so many areas that are filled with empty pleasures, needless goals.

I am always so happy when I am given the privilege to speak through This Miracle of Hope.

You talk many times about what a terrible thing war is.  You are lucky in one way, that you do not see the real war that is occurring, that satan is, in so many ways, using means, enticements, and all sorts of promised treasures to gain Souls, so the Soul will not be, one day, in the Place Where It belongs, Where It must return to, and that is Heaven.

I bless each child who ever mentions My Name, and I bless all who try, in some way, to be good example for the benefit of another’s Soul in your day.  So be it.”

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