ON OCTOBER 14, 1992 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  There are many men and women who, after reading the Revelations that have passed through This Miracle, will scrutinize Every Word and make many wrong determinations.  This is a sadness to Us, because mankind should see the Value in the Truths that have been constantly delivered according to The Father’s Wishes and Will.

Many theologians will see the Beauty, but their positions in life may cause them to reduce the Magnitude of what This Miracle is to the world.  We are All Here prepared for such negativism, because of human jealousies and human error.

The importance of prayer is not always recognized by individuals.  Many people do not understand that prayers can be spoken, acted out, and mentally passed to Us Here.  Sometimes it is not feasible to say a prayer out loud because of circumstances, because of where you are.  Mental prayer has a tremendous power in it, for it is uniting one’s thoughts, one’s feelings, one’s needs, one’s desires, through the Soul to Here.  These prayers are not missed.  These prayers are heard.

Little words to someone else, ‘I will pray for you,’ usually mean more to the receiver of this than many times shows. ‘God bless you,’ even to an atheist, a pagan, radiates a goodness in you.  An outward expression of charity, no matter what Faith the other person may follow, there is a meaning that sometimes carries more weight than if the person were to read a book, a pamphlet, or a story.

Man does not realize the importance of genuine openness regarding belief in God.  In politeness, man will say, ‘Excuse me.’ When he doesn’t, sometimes there is a reaction, and he is called ‘ignorant’ and other names.

A Spiritual gesture when something happens, such as, ‘Thank God,’ when it turns out right, leaves a good thought, a good feeling, a good understanding, even though someone professes to not believe in God, or professes to believe in some unusual manner or form of religion.  They feel safer when they are with someone who is not afraid to speak openly of what they believe in, how they believe.

Remember what I have said, because many times in a lifetime, these situations arise, and you have a responsibility to let others recognize through some small gesture, some small statement, that you believe in God.  So be it.”

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