ON NOVEMBER 6, 1992 AT 12:11 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  Mankind searches for information regarding all kinds, all types, all areas of experimentations, of areas where monetary profit can be learned about and used for gain.

This Miracle has given to the world a Great Gift and has, in This Gift, produced All the Information necessary to live a happier human life, to better understand the Purpose of life, and also, the Direction to become a Great Saint.  Some say only those chosen to work in particular areas have the benefits necessary to become a Great Saint.  Not so.  It is important for mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, to understand the Goal of life is to return to The Father for All Eternity.

Purity is based on the actions, the thoughts regarding moral decisions, applying sound moral values, sound moral standards to daily living, whether one lives a life of aloneness or a life that involves one or more other human beings.  Mankind is ignoring the Basics, the Directions for Sainthood.  They are without a doubt, without question, God’s Commandments.  Every day man has decisions to make, many very small ones, sometimes important ones, sometimes decisions that involve others’ lives.  There should be no question as to the foundation of what should be the bottom line for any decision, concern, promise or involvement.  All should be based on God’s Commandments.  Then there is no misinterpretation, because These are based on purity of mind, body, and Spiritual acceptance.

Many men and women, when they read the Words Delivered from Here, will say: ‘It is unbelievable that So Many Who are proclaimed Saints would speak this personally in my time of life.  I can see it happening in the past but not now.’ And then, when they read the Words from The Father, some will find it difficult that He would speak through a human voice at any time.  My, what little Faith mankind accepts when a Gift of Divine Love is so Beautifully Delivered, not just for attention, but for the benefit to help mankind in every area of life become a Saint.

As I bless you, I want you to understand that the Blessing I give to those present now extends to those who read These Words at another time.  No human being can fully understand Divine Love, the Generosity It is, and the Full Depth of Its Desire to give mankind All that is necessary to one day find the direct path to Here.  So be it.”

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