ON NOVEMBER 17, 1992 AT 2:26 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  There are many men in authoritative positions in churches that are depended upon by millions of people, and the men in these authoritative positions are not always men of sound Spiritual living, or are they men who are capable of the correct interpretation of Bible History.  So much that has been written has been written according to the individual’s ability, personal understanding, and personal interpretation, and much was not elaborated upon in the manner, in the form that covered its complete background.

This Miracle that has come to the world in a manner difficult for many, who are trying to set It aside as being blasphemous, because to them It does not appear to be fully in accordance with how things were interpreted a long time ago.  The simplicity in the Information, in the Instruction that is being delivered through a Victim Soul, has more logical understanding in It than past historical writings.  There are some individuals who find This Miracle of such Sound Logic to be the Greatest Gift that mankind has received since the beginning of time.  So many men in authoritative positions cling to the past decisions, because it is what they know to be the standards wherein Spiritual acceptances, Spiritual beliefs, and Spiritual practices must be followed.

Now I ask you a question:  Why, how, can mankind reject What has passed through This Miracle when so many of them are not just accepting, but are practicing, teaching and demanding followers to update their Spiritual program, and for the most part, it is full of humanism, full of desecration, and in many ways justifies a lack of dignity, and most certainly, a lack of spirituality in its very essence?

This Miracle, as it has been said before, must pass to millions so that millions of men, women and children of all races, all colors, all creeds, will have the opportunity to personally read, absorb, dissect and look for themselves into the Valuable Instruction, Logic, that is passed through This Miracle, not just to the intelligentsia, not just to the authoritative figures, but to all mankind, all ages, all races, all colors, all creeds.

The Father felt the time was right because there were and are so many men who feel, because of their vocation of life, they have the authority, many omitting the responsibility to not just encourage mankind, but to inflict their modernization of Spiritual understanding, growth and benefits.  So be it.”

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