ON NOVEMBER 19, 1992 AT 2:51 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  Even though there have been thousands and thousands and thousands of Words spoken through This Beautiful Miracle, mankind, in some areas of life, deliberately tries to ignore the Meaning of These Words, because to accept These Words, it will mean change and/or changes in lifestyle, in Spiritual practices, in behavioral methods, and mankind deliberately turns the other way, so he or she is not responsible to make the necessary changes.

Where does responsibility begin when one is informed regarding Truth, regarding sound values and sound standards, the necessity for purity in the mind, in the actions, in the speech, in the example?

Where does responsibility end?  Does it end with one act, two acts, three acts in a lifetime?  Does it mean that age is the critical line of decision?  No.

Logic is very important here, because sometimes logic does not use a definite age to reveal itself.  Also, what about conscience?  What part does this play in one’s lifestyle, one’s determinations regarding obedience to God’s Commandments?

Ask yourself:  Why do so many protect the sin of permissiveness, and they are so adamant over someone telling a small lie to them?

I hear many prayers using My Name for particular reasons, sometimes objects.  As I speak today, I say to everyone who will read These Words, ‘I will be happy to help you find the road to purity, for this road is important to every facet of your life, and for the Goal of your Soul for All Eternity.’  So be it.”

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